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Cup quarter-final match between Basel and Lugano live broadcast

Cup quarter-final match between Basel and Lugano live broadcast

Swiss Cup

Over and over again: Basel failed in the penalty shootout against FC Lugano

Swiss club Basel lost a thrilling cup quarter-final match to FC Lugano on penalties. The home team saved itself in extra time after falling behind early 0-2. But Fabian Frey and Dominik Schmid lost their nerve in the penalty shootout. Meanwhile, all the guests remain calm. Bayern is wasting its last chance to win a title this season.

Motenzer's curveball puts Basel in a good mood for the game. Belief in the Cup title must be carried out against Logano.

Mark Schumacher/Fresh Focus

the game: From Basel's point of view, this is the most important match of the year so far, and this last chance for a title in this chaotic season, could not have started worse. Six minutes had been played when Milton Valenzuela undermined the entire Bayern defense with a through ball. Luganese's top scorer, Zan Sellar, did not waste a chance on Marwin Hitz and gave the visitors, who have reached the cup finals in each of the last two years, an early lead.

But it gets worse: before the first quarter of an hour is over, Sellar breaks through again. Dominik Schmid and Adrian Barisic push back, but the latter sends Sellar down. Basel residents protested, but referee Luca Cibelli awarded the penalty kick. The icy cold silar was converted to 0:2 from Basel's point of view.

Residents of Basel are unable to respond. Apart from a half-chance from Anton Kade, there was almost nothing attacking. On the other hand, Luganese: Valenzuela took the lead in the 36th minute, but failed because of Hitz. The restroom management in Lugano is quite good. Bayern coach Fabio Celestini's decision to promote Albian Ajeti to the starting line-up for the first time and, as in Yverdon, relying on a very young midfield around Gabriel Sigua, Leon Avdolahu and Dion Kakori, did not work out.

At the end of the first half, Celestini's reaction made sense, bringing on Bari, Maurice Malone and Renato Vega in place of Ajeti, Sigua and Kakori. The result is that Basel at least have better control of the defence. Ticino's guests had almost no chances left. On the other hand, Djordje Jovanovic, who was also substituted, tested Lugano goalkeeper Emir Saipi for the first time in the 65th minute.

FC Basel – FC Lugano 5:6 nP (2:2, 2:2, 0:2)

St. Jacob's Park. – 17,975 spectators. – Real: Luca Cibelli. – Goals: 6. Sellar (Mahmoud) 0: 1, 15. Sellar (foul penalty kick) 0: 2, 81. Barry (Free) 1: 2, 83. Barry (Benny) 2: 2. – Penalty kicks: Vega 3:2, Valenzuela 3:3, Frei misses, Vladi 4:3, Jovanovic 4:4, Sabatini 4:5, Bari 5:5, Mahut 5:6, Schmid misses.

Basil: heat; Vueloz, Barisic, Frey, Schmid; Kakori (Vega 46), Avdolaho; Drager (60. Jovanovic), Sigua (46. Malone), Cady (74. Penny); Ajeti (46. Bari).

Lugano: Saype. Seminiani (106. Espinosa), Mai (46. Al-Wafi), Hajrizi, Hadari, Valenzuela; Magic (72 Bislemy), Sabatini, Botani (60 Maho), Mahmoud; Sylar (72. Vladi).

comments: Basel are without Kololi, Van Breemen, Koumas, Lopez, Hunziker, Essiam, De Mol (injured), Lange, Demir, Augustin, Akhahomen, Adjeti, Junior Zee (not called up). – Logano is without Grgic (suspension), Steven, Aleda, Doumbia, Marquez, Babic (injured). Bookings: 13. Barisic (foul), 25. Hadari (foul), 27. Schmid (foul), 28. Segua (foul), 47. Mahmoud (foul), 53. Hajrizi (foul), 70. Sabatini (foul). ). Error), 90. +2 Vueloz (error), 113. Abdullah (error), 117. Benny (error).

Basel's attacking momentum comes late, but then with greater force. In the 81st minute, Barry used Fry's pass with a long-range shot. Then, two minutes later, he equalized with a header, hope returned, and the stadium shook. Bayern, unrecognizable, presses immediately, wanting to make it 3-2 – but they can't. However: after 80 minutes of harmlessness, the extension was successful.

The really big chances don't exist in overtime. Logano has a slight advantage, but Bayern are also dangerous. But the score remains 2:2 – penalty kicks will decide the matter. He decides against Bayern. Because as the second shooter, veteran Fry, of all people, gets away and gives the guests an advantage. Which they constantly exploit. Because all five of Logano's pitchers stay cool in the heat. Quite the opposite of Schmid, who failed because of Saype. Thus FC Basel was eliminated.

The best: Therno Barry works, fights, brings momentum – and above all: brings back hope. It makes 1:2 dry as dust and 2:2 very precise. What he could do with self-confidence became increasingly clear. He shows no nerves when taking the penalty kick either.

This was something to talk about: After 120 minutes of cup fighting including penalties, it's a lot. There was one thing to talk about before the start: Bayern's lineup. Was it right to rely on Albian Ajeti for the first time in this very important match and prefer him over the brilliant Barry? Bringing in a young midfield around Kakori, Sigua and Avdolahu against the experienced Louganesi? Looking back, we can answer both with a clear no.