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CS threatens shipwreck in upcoming Zurich project

CS threatens shipwreck in upcoming Zurich project

Credit Suisse recently expressed its difficulties with major construction projects in its hometown of Zurich. She has to go to Braunau because of the noise about booksThe Credit Suisse Arena soccer ball is suspended In the infinite loop.

All this should be another project His name is Kungenmatt It forms rapidly in the flowering zone 3 of Limstadt. According to New Zealand There will be no resistance to the new building that houses more than 100 apartments, including apartments for the elderly.

This might be a security reasoning. A group of old tenants in Küngenmatt, which is in the immediate vicinity of the Heuried outdoor pool and ice rink below Zurich’s Triemli Hospital, are planning an uprising in the fall.

The procedure will be discussed at the end of August, according to coordinator Daniel Nayef. In October or November there will be a media offensive through the media and politics.

“What we are primarily concerned with is that the homes are in very good condition and it would certainly be premature to let them go now,” Naif explains in an email response.

“Credit Suisse claims they are ‘the end of life’. This is a lie.”

Because: “The houses were completely renovated in 2005 and a floor added. New heaters were installed in 2019 and solar panels were installed on the roofs.”

A spokesperson for residents and tenants said one might want to “talk about demolition and new construction from 2035”. Currently, this decision is not justified for environmental, social and architectural reasons.

The new building is managed by CS Asset Management, which manages the estate trust that owns Küngenmatt. Yesterday, a bank spokesperson said of the demolition and new construction:

“As announced in May, a new building will be built on the site because properties over 80 years old are no longer up to date due to poor floor plans, energy efficiency and accessibility for people with physical disabilities, among other things.”

“In the future, the new project will provide 149 apartments instead of the current 108. The tenants have been given three years to find a new apartment.”

According to a CSAM spokesperson, the interest rate increases of CHF1,000 per month that were passed on to newcomers during temporary use until construction began were wrong.

“All apartments will be re-letted as per previous rents.” It is also not true that the existing apartments have not been inspected for the project.