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Berner Valeant defeats land banking in Zurich

Berner Valeant defeats land banking in Zurich

Valiant has its roots in Bern and Lucerne. But now it wants to step on gas in Zurich’s millions.

It recently opened its doors in several locations. After Wädenswil in the first half of the year, three more sites are planned in the canton of Zurich in the near future.

On the contrary, ZKB and Credit Suisse are closing. Zurich tops the sanctuary dogs, and the Bernese countryside is on the rise.

What is going on there?

Valiant already has three locations in the canton of Zurich, and after Wädenswil there are new branches in Winterthur, Mellen and Oster, the bank announced a week ago.

“These openings perfectly complement our geographical expansion and our branch network,” a Valeant spokeswoman said.

Moreover: “This is how we want to develop strategically important areas and new catchment areas from Lake Geneva to Lake Constance.”

The numbers show that the account is working.

48% of the growth in loans is due to new locations. In addition, business income has continuously increased in a challenging environment in recent years.”

And, on the contrary, the ZKB “Nahi Bank” is withdrawing. We have grown a lot in recent years closed sites Or restrict the service there.

The CS headquarters is located in Zurich Shifted in reverse gear for a long time.

The big bank closed several branches around the lake, for example at Horgen on the left bank and at Zollikon and Miles on the right bank.

Miles and Horgen are the principal towns in the respective counties, with a similar influence on the region.

Valiant, which no one in the greater Zurich region seems to be waiting for, is spreading across the leading Swiss capital region at the expense of the old players.

Bears in Bernese see opportunities as Zurich lions see hunting as a lost love effort.