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Cozy summer pool party –

Cozy summer pool party –

A good 30 members of the association came to the general meeting of the cultural association “3 Confederates” at the Appenzell pool. In his annual report, President Dominique Epinter detailed 11 successful and well-attended events for the 2022/23 season. He sincerely thanked all the artists and agencies who stopped by during the season for daring to travel to Appenzell for a small, family-style performance in order to continue to spoil the audience with something new, unknown and surprising. With the bill and budget unanimously approved, the AGM quickly concluded.

Concert with “Familia Rossi”

After an aperitif for the members of the association, it was time for the folk concert with the “Famiglia Rossi” ensemble, which had already been a guest at a public meeting ten years before. The audience, which had grown meanwhile, was well entertained by the colorful musical mix of the three siblings Beatrice, Michele and Massimo Rossi, who came from Italy and grew up in Basel, and their cousin Lucio Marelli. The emphasis was of course on canzoni in the style of Adriano Celentano, but tango, reggae, western music, ska and waltzes were also skillfully interpreted.

Three sticks were needed

With Beatrice’s powerful voice, double bass, drums, accordion, ukulele, and various guitars, the family delivered an exciting sound. In between, bandleader and gigolo Massimo, with his wet hair, undershirt and sunglasses, proves to be a charming and funny teller of stories about love, wanderlust, and a thirst for adventure. With great applause from the enthusiastic audience, the wonderful musical dream journey ended after three encounters.