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Unpleasant allegations of cheating against Prince Harry are resounding

Unpleasant allegations of cheating against Prince Harry are resounding

Suddenly Harry looks different in a new photo.Photo: Thomas Krych/ZUMA Press Wire/dpa

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Jennifer Ulrich

Prince Harry is now 38, and like his brother William, there are already dots of light on his head – though not quite as obvious. At public appearances, he doesn’t seem to do much to cover it up.

The image of Harry, which can be found on the homepage of the startup BetterUp, is very disturbing. Royal is part of the coaching platform’s executive board and serves as CEO, according to the post on it.

Prince Harry suddenly had a head full of hair

On the left side of the profile on “betterup.comThere is a longer text about Harry, on the right is a large photo of him. His hair suddenly not only looks darker, it also looks fuller. The suspicion arises almost inevitably that image processing software can be used to help.

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Harry himself addressed his own hair problem recently in his autobiography Spear, on which occasion he couldn’t resist digging into his brother William. His hair loss is more advanced than his own and “alarming”, while the two brothers are not even three years apart.

FILE - March 30, 2023, Great Britain, London: Britain's Prince Harry leaves the Court of Justice.  In the case of Prince Harry and other British celebrities claiming compensation for wiretapping phones...

Obviously, Harry is suffering from hair loss.Photo: AP/Kirsty Wigglesworth

the “MirrorHe once again took the opportunity to quote British plastic surgeon Asim Shahmala, who noted as early as 2021 that the hair on Harry’s head had become noticeably thinner, especially since moving to the US with Meghan. Expert Prediction: At 50, the King could be bald.

At the same time, it was stated that Harry was faring better than William and was still ten years behind his brother when it came to hair loss.

Doubts about Prince Harry’s work

Regarding BetterUp, there have recently been negative headlines about Harry. According to the British news portal “Daily Mail”, an employee was asked about the specific tasks of the Duke of Sussex, but he could not name any of them. Harry should be earning a salary in the seven figure range.

AUGUST 9, 2023, JAPAN, TOKYO: Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, smiles during an event organized by the International Sports Promotion Society (ISPS).  The program included topics such as strength sports...

Prince Harry recently traveled to Asia.Photo: AP/Eugene Hoshiko

There is no detailed description of the job Prince performs at BetterUp anywhere on the homepage. Only the following keywords from his resume were provided: Archewell, Invictus Games, Africa.