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Corona: In the United States, vaccinators no longer have to wear masks outside

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In the United States, vaccinators no longer have to wear masks outside

Travelers in New York still wear masks - that may change soon

Travelers in New York still wear masks – that may change soon

Source: AP / Mark Lennihan

In the United States, nearly 30 percent of the population is now fully vaccinated. The CDC Health Institute now recommends that these individuals do not need to wear safety masks for various outdoor activities.

ACorona rules for public life will be further relaxed in view of the rapidly increasing number of people vaccinated in the United States. The U.S. health agency CDC released new recommendations Tuesday that fully vaccinated individuals will no longer have to wear masks for many outdoor activities. US President Joe Biden has spoken of “amazing progress” in the fight against the corona virus. However, he warned that a lot more needs to be done, and stressed that making it easier to vaccinate those who have not been vaccinated is an incentive.

According to the new CDC recommendations, walking, cycling, meeting in small groups or going to a restaurant in the open is completely safe for people who have been vaccinated without a mask. It is also recommended that vaccinated people wear masks if large gatherings take place in the open. This also applies to many activities such as shopping in closed rooms or seeing a hairdresser.

Biden said those who are fully vaccinated can do more things safely – like having a picnic with friends in the park without a mask. This is another reason to get vaccinated quickly. “It’s never been easier.” The vaccine is free. 90 percent of Americans have a vaccination center within five miles of their home.

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The happy grandmother embraces the granddaughter outside

Infection of vaccinated persons

CDC boss Rochelle Valensky said the reason for the new requirements was for the virus to spread mainly in closed rooms. Appreciating the progress made in the vaccine, he said the number of new infections has recently dropped by more than 20 per cent on a seven-day average. It was a “hopeful” collapse. As the vaccine campaign progresses in the United States, the company has already gradually relaxed its recommendations for restricting social interactions and travel.

According to the CDC, about 29 percent of the total population in the United States has already been vaccinated: 37 percent of adults and more than 67 percent of people 65 and older. More than half of adults in the United States have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and more than 81 percent of the elderly. A total of about 230 million vaccines were given. In the United States, all citizens aged 16 or over are now eligible for the vaccine – regardless of age or risk group.

Three vaccines have been given in the United States

However, the rapid pace of the vaccine campaign is likely to slow down soon because a significant portion of the population is critical of vaccination: according to a recent survey, a good 20 percent of citizens say they do not want the vaccine. The government wants to convince these suspects to be vaccinated.

When Biden took office in January, several thousand people died each week, mostly the elderly. At that time, less than one percent of the elderly were fully vaccinated. Meanwhile the numbers have changed drastically. Now thousands of lives are saved every day.

There are currently three vaccines in the United States. Vaccines from Moderna and Pfizer / Biotech are administered in two doses each. One syringe is sufficient for the Johnson & Johnson item. People are fully vaccinated two weeks after the last required vaccination.

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US President Joe Biden is seeking to restore the United States to its global leadership role

In total, the United States is the most affected by the corona epidemic worldwide: more than 32 million infections have been reported so far – and more than 572,000 deaths related to the corona virus. Biden provided the fight against the infection priority and greatly accelerated the vaccination campaign by taking various measures.

When he took office, he initially set a goal of delivering 100 million vaccine doses in his first 100 days. This was achieved after just 60 days. Biden then doubled the target to 200 million vaccines, and achieved this before the 100-day period expired – after a good 90 days. This Thursday, Biden will be in office for 100 days.