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Australia: Woolworths expands its vegetarian range to more than 1000 stores nationwide

27. April 2021

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Woolworths customers In Australia you can now find six new and innovative plant based products on the shelves of the popular chain. In collaboration with brands Made with plants And Plant Asia Woolworths’ current vegetarian range has been expanded across Australia.

The new products available at Woolworths’ 1,000+ stores nationwide include:

  • Parmesan made with plants – Strong taste of Italian-style cheese made from vegetable ingredients. This coveted product flavors and cooks like traditional milk cheese.
  • Shredded cedar made with plants – The unique taste of cedar cheese is made from plant based ingredients and shredded for practical use.
  • Cheese burger sauce made with herbs – A delicious burger sauce that is completely vegetarian.
  • Plant Asia Tender Beef – Juicy, sturdy and versatile, this vegetable beef is often made from mushrooms.
  • PlantaAsia Satay Chicken Squares – These juicy skis can be served with boiled vegetables or an easy and filling vegetable based dish with a lively Asian style salad.
  • Plant Asia pork ribs – The cream goes perfectly with side dishes like kolsla, crunchy greens or a simple bed of loose rice.
Plant Asia Beef © Wolworths Group

Kale Drew is the co-founder of Kale & Daughters, the parent company of Made with Plants and Plant Asia. According to Kale Drew, these new products offer even more value to Australian consumers. “Australian consumers are now benefiting from the choice,” he says. “Instead of being limited to one or two vegetarian cheeses, Woolworths customers can choose from a variety of flavor profiles reminiscent of traditional favorites such as parmesan, cedar and mozzarella.”

The future is flexible

It goes without saying that vegetarians in Australia are increasingly interested in plant-based alternatives. Flexibility – those who want to eat more plant-based foods, but are more flexible to the consumption of meat and dairy products – are now the most important target market for vegetarian food producers.

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“To ensure the success and longevity of our business, we need to look beyond the core vegetarian market. In fact, flexibility is the future of the vegetarian movement in Australia. We see this as a significant success in changing consumer behavior when adding products, ”says Druin.

In 2019, one Consumer study conducted by Deloitte Access Economy42% of Australians are either drastically reducing their meat consumption or already giving up meat altogether. With the increasing availability and attractiveness of meat substitutes in Australia, health and sustainability concerns were the most common reasons for dietary change.