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Corona in the United States: The Heinfeld Report, track and field athlete and student Eva Janson

Corona in the United States: The Heinfeld Report, track and field athlete and student Eva Janson

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In mid-May, Eva Jansson returns to Grosselbach on her vacation. The mid-distance player will then compete in her second season of competition after 2019 for Huenfeld SV. The student spends the rest of the year at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA.

Hünfeld – The 20-year-old, who started in Michigan, provides the university team with information about life during the Corona pandemic in the USA, her goals exceeding 800 and 1500 meters, her upcoming vacation home and training in Hünfeld with Rainer Hahn. (Read here: “I have achieved everything I can do: athletics talent Friedrich Schultz of Steinau during the season)

When was the last time you saw your family?

I was at home in Grüsselbach during Christmas.

Corona keeps Germany in a state of suspense. What does it look like in America. Does Corona limit you too much?

Unfortunately, the fall cross-country season and the indoor season were canceled at the start of the semester due to Coronavirus cases. But I’m very grateful that – despite the lack of competitions – I managed to train all year round.

What is allowed?

The shops are open and you can eat out in the restaurants.

What’s the most annoying thing about restrictions?

Online lectures. All lectures have been conducted online since last spring. However, in the next semester, we will have face-to-face classes again. I really look forward to it, because it is much harder for me to study at home than study in class. The bitter thing is you don’t have to meet a lot of friends.

Student Eva Janson on Corona in the United States: Online lectures are the most annoying

This definitely affects the mood.

You can clearly see that people here in America as well as in Germany are slowly losing patience. Most of them are still sticking to the rules, but it’s time some things get back to normal.

Have you been vaccinated yet?

Yes, I had my first dose three weeks ago and my second vaccination will follow this week.

Lectures are held online, what is the daily training routine. what’s up

We train together six days a week. All university sports teams are obligated to give athletes one day off every week. On a regular week, we do strength training twice in the morning and about two hours of running training in the afternoon during the week and Saturday morning. In the weeks that the competitions are held, it always looks different.

Accordingly, competitions are held.

Yes, but because of Corona, we are only allowed to run against schools in the League (Big Ten conference), because these schools all have the same Corona rules. Only a small number of spectators are allowed. When traveling, we have to follow strict rules of distance and wear masks.

Track and field athlete from Hünstelder SV: Eva Jansson looks forward to her second season in Haunestadt

How satisfied are you with your performance?

I am completely satisfied. I ran the fastest time over 1500 meters and second best time of my career the 800 meters. But I know I can still improve. In my opinion, running is half training and half of my mind. I’m a good coach at the moment, but I have to trust myself a little more in the race.

What other important competitions are there in the United States?

My goal is to contest the Big Ten Conference Final. Even then, there are still two regular contests in the program.

What are your goals for this season?

I always focus on personal times in my goals and try not to compare myself too much to my competition. I would like to run under 2:10 minutes over the 800 meters and under 4:30 minutes over the 1500 meters.

When will the home leave come?

The season ends in our university in mid-May, then I will come to Germany. I don’t know exactly how long I will stay because I have another training planned at my university. I will probably stay in Germany until July.

To a person

Eva Janson (20) is from Grosselbach, but lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Her family moved to America 15 years ago, and her father worked there for Edag. Her family returned to Huenfeld three years ago, but Eva decided to major in psychology and a minor in computer science at the University of Michigan.

The successful middle-distance runner is part of the university team and started for the first time two years ago during her vacation at home at Hünstelder SV: South German title, two Hessian titles and sixth place in U 20-DM was the track. Register at that time. When you’re not training or studying, she loves to cook, bake, hike and camp out in the nature.

The U 23-DM will take place in Koblenz at the end of June. With you on the starting line?

I can’t estimate what competitions are possible in Germany, I am discussing that with Coach Rainer Hahn in Honfield.

How does training in Hünfeld with Rainer Hahn differ from training in the United States?

I have more of my team mates here in my group. Training is encouraged through school, and as a result, more people are coming to the sport. I really enjoy training in Hünfeld, especially because Rainer cares so well about all athletes, motivates and encourages all of us. Rainer can aspire to his own personal achievement with every athlete. This is very beautiful.

What are you most looking forward to in Germany and who do you look forward to?

On lovely outings in Rhön, on my dog, on my grandfather and grandmother’s family.