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The big jolt: The battle for relegation in the Premier League has reached its climax

The big jolt: The battle for relegation in the Premier League has reached its climax

Sad Zurich May 2016: FCZ just relegated. Pictured: Cornerstone

The Great Quake – Five clubs and their position in the relegation battle

The end of the season is nearing, and while the longtime champions have been found with YB, the relegation battle is still fierce. Half of the league still has to shiver.

There are still six laps to complete. 540 minutes plus injury time until touchdown from Premier League Is for sure. After that, it finally became clear which 10 teams would be playing in the Premier League next season, after two matches on Al Qanater.

Starting position before final boom:

In theory, Basel, Lugano, Servet and Lausanne are not off the hook in ranks 2 to 5. In practice, they shouldn’t have anything to do with relegation. Direct and co-relegation in a volley (penultimate in the Premier League meets second in the Challenge League) of the quintuple Lucerne, Zurich, St. Gallen, Vaduz and Sion have been decided.

FC Lucerne

Not because of the attack Lucerne He plays against relegation. Just YB Score more goals. But just at the bottom, Sion has received more traffic than FCL. There is a ray of light Central Switzerland received the last two matches No goal was conceded (0-0 in St. Gallen, 1-0 against Lausanne).

Explains How To Wall: FCL Celestinian Coach. Photo: Cornerstone

Perhaps in time, coach Fabio Celestini has modified his playing style by focusing on defense. After a weak stage with just one point in four matches, Lucerne recovered. He might actually save himself in the next two games. If it is a direct debit Zurich And Vaduz is beating, this is a preliminary decision. Otherwise, the FCL is back in the middle of the relegation battle.

The question will be how much the cup is dispersed. Especially when you win the semi-final against Araw, it shouldn’t be easy to focus on the league and not just the first Lucerne Cup Final in nine years.

Restprogramm: Zurich (H), Vaduz (A), Servette (H), Sion (A), YB (A), Lugano (H).

FC Zurich

Only one win in their last ten matches, six without success – the FCZ region is in crisis. Midfielder Benjamin Kololi is still confirmed Unconvincing 1: 2 defeat against YB Yesterday in Blake: “If we keep playing like this, don’t worry.” But if Koluli wasn’t just wrong … as early as 2015/2016 FCZ had long thought they were too good for relegation. At that time it ended up falling in Challenge League.

Rizzo and his team need to look down. Photo: Cornerstone

The truth is, the curve of the figure speaks against Zurich. When Massimo Rizzo was initially a caretaker coach in late fall, his team averaged 1.64 points per game in eleven games. Since taking a permanent position on Christmas Eve, that value has dropped to exactly one point per match in 16 appearances. “My job is to bring more consistency and continuity,” said Rizzo. Three weeks ago in New Zealand. So far it hasn’t worked.

Presentiment? In the final round, FCZ welcomed Vaduz at home – just like they did when they touched down five years ago. At the time, a 3-1 win was no longer feasible as Zurich had been relying on the help of the opposing gun.

Restprogramm: Lucerne (A), Lugano (H), Lausanne (A), Saint Gallen (H), Basil (A), Vaduz (H).

FC St. Gallen

Very sad is the latest record FC Zurich That is, how realistic it is at FC St. Gallen. The eastern Switzerland national team was waiting to win eight matches in the tournament. They proved in the cup that they didn’t forget how to win: thanks to convincing successes against YB and GC They reached the semi-finals.

St.Gallers, who had a long title race with YB in the pre-season and finished runner-up, had gum problems. Peter Ziedler’s attacking football demands a lot of strength and endurance. Since the game plan consists of several English weeks due to Corona, there are hardly any breaks for relaxation. In that spirit, it is toxic for the Green team to try to return to the final for the first time since 1998 against Servet in the Cup semi-finals. Zidler said after 0-2 in Lugano on Wednesday. If this disappointment can be eliminated quickly, “we shall prevail on Saturday.” Then there is a six-point match against Vaduz.

Coach Zidler recently had to straighten out players with depression more than he would like. Photo: Cornerstone

It has long been evident that departures after the adequately great pre-season period cannot be replaced. Captain Silvan Hefty misses 33 goals from the storm duo Cedric Itten and Ermiden Demirovic. Shot on FCSG 79 goals in pre-season, now only 35 after 30 rounds, and only Vaduz has been able to celebrate less. St. Gallen should get more efficient as quickly as possible: Only YB is shooting often at the opposite goal, But no team has a worse achievement rate (number of goals per shot) than Eastern Switzerland.

Restprogramm: Vaduz (h), Basel (a), Sion (h), Zurich (a), Lausanne (h), Servet (a).

FC Vaduz

resurrection FC Vaduz Something almost nobody expected the team to do. When the Christmas break started after 13 rounds, Liechtenstein had six meager points on their account. But in 2021, only Master YB has more points than Vaduz.

Coach Mario Frick realized that the number of points was the only thing that mattered. The record goalscorer for the Principality of Liechtenstein changed his tactics and adopted the 5-4-1 system and say: “The relegation battle isn’t about playing well, it’s just about winning.” With hedgehog tactics from outside, Vaduz scored 1: 1 in YB and won 2: 1 in Basel.

The end justifies the means: Mario Frick. Photo: Cornerstone

The great advantage of Vaduz is that they knew from the first minute of preparation that they would have to fight to keep the league until the last round. They never succumbed to the illusion that, like antagonists, they were dreaming of more and were suddenly taken aback by reality.

Restprogramm: St. Gallen (A), Lucerne (H), Lugano (A), YB (H), Servet (H), Zurich (A).

FC Sion

On paper, the Vallees often have had a good squad recently – but they’ve always been disappointed. The final positions in the last five years are: Rank 5, Rank 4, Rank 6, Rank 8, Rank 8. Sion has entered this season with bigger goals, Boss. Christian Constantine Fabio Grosso brought in a coach who was a world champion as a player, and awarded YB goalkeeper Guillaume Huarao.

While Grosso – one might use the word “traditionally” in this context in Sion – he did not see the end of the season in office, Hoarau has been a shadow of himself for a long time. Because he was stopped by injuries, he was left without goals for a long time – before his fifteenth mission was successful. In the sixteenth game, Huarao immediately pursued, shooting In 5: 3 a stunning victory for the Seasons yesterday at Servette Not only 1 goal, but 2 more goals.

How much time does CC give him? Sion coach Marco Walker. Photo: Cornerstone

After five matches with just two points, the Valais are still not scraped by this victory. But they may have been able to take the right path at the right time. Your mortgage remains a fact that three points are currently missing on Barrageplatz – and it is clear that Sion, along with Vaduz, has the worst goal difference.

President Constantine I came back in “blake” Already to stick to get off. “It works without me FC Sion As a professional club under. There are no potential buyers anywhere. So I stay regardless of the league. Anyway, I’m not the type to get off when the ship is lying on its side. “

Restprogramm: YB (A), Lausanne (H), St. Gallen (A), Lucerne (H), Lugano (A), Basel (H).

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