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Core i9-12900KS: Intel AMD Zen 3D processing at up to 5.5GHz

Photo: Intel

With a Core i9-12900K and i9-12900KF (tested) at up to 5.2GHz, Intel is clearly seeing scope for a Core i9-12900KS with a clock rate of up to 5.5GHz, which also reaches 5.2GHz in delivers all eight P-cores. This is at least suggested by a screenshot from HWiNFO that Intel itself distributed via Twitter.

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Next stop: 5.5GHz

Under the heading “Next stop: up to 5.5GHz,” Intel posted a corresponding screenshot of the sensor tab in the current HWiNFO v7.16-4560, which can generally be interpreted as a “teaser” for the upcoming Core i9-12900KS. After the Core i7-8086K (test) and Core i9-9900KS (test), the manufacturer will present a “special edition” for the third time in the recent past.

After the Core i9-10900K (test), which already reached 5.3 GHz on a single core with Intel Thermal Velocity Boost, and the Core i9-11900K (test), which was generally considered to be 14 nm, did not receive a pop-up with the KS suffix, it is likely That Alder Lake-S (benchmarks) receive a limited top model again, boosting the base clock and turbo by a few hundred megahertz.

Intel Core i9-12900KS Processor in Q1 gegen AMD Zen 3D

Location Video Cards He wants to be able to confirm a Core i9-12900KS with up to 5.5GHz on Turbo 3.0 on one and up to 5.2GHz on all P-Cores (“Golden Cove”) from his own sources. Intel’s “Special Edition” should compete with the upcoming Ryzen 6000 with 3D V-Cache, alias Zen 3D, in the first quarter.

Official news from AMD and Intel is expected at press conferences for the current CES 2022. On the AMD side, along with Zen 3D, Rembrandt APUs based on Zen 3+ with 5 GHz are expected for the first time.