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Combined Fifth Place: Krieglach scolds the brave Hinterbergers – Soccer Styria – Results, tables and scorers from all STMK leagues.

Toss craiglach
SV Hinterberg

Tus Krieglach beat SV Hinterberg by a narrow margin of 1:0. As expected, Hinterberg suffered a defeat to Krieglach. The goal made all the difference in the first leg. At that time, SV Central Dancing Hinterberg won 2-1.

Hinterberg can put himself in the spotlight

You can’t deny the efforts of the Shoggle team. But on the last impression, the necessary consistency is missing. In the end, it happens again that after the game is over, there is no time. The first 20 minutes, Hinterberger is working fresh on it. But as mentioned, goal-scoring wasn’t invented for the late-comer at the moment. After half an hour of playing, Krieglacher learns about the damage of the guests. The game is becoming more and more a half-Hinterberger. This results in the host’s best chance. But aluminum prevented the lead – Halftime score: 0-0.

Marcel Petrie hits the goal

The character of the game should not change significantly in the second round. Mürztaler sets the events, but Hinterberg has shown a willingness to want to write again at the end. But in the end it remained without a win in the thirteenth game in a row. The “culprit” is Marcel Petrie, who tapped the clock in the 72nd minute and scored a 1-0 win. Then the guest seeks his salvation again in case of an attack. But in vain, the gardener’s stepson are satisfied with one hit – the final result: 1: 0.

Tus Krieglach’s account now has 28 points. This puts Krieglach in a strong third place shortly after the start of the second half of the season. EKRO Tus Krieglach-Football continues to seriously collect success, now its number is 9. On the balance sheet there is a draw and five defeats.

SV Hinterberg must undoubtedly take care of his own defense. On average, a team conceded more than two goals per game. Shortly before the end of the season, the guest took 13th place in the rating. The problem at Hinterberg is particularly at the front. SV Central Dancing Hinterberg scored only 8 goals – no team in Oberliga Nord is worse. Now SV Hinterberg had to admit defeat 12 times this season. A win and two draws on the positive side show that the outlook is not particularly reassuring.

Hinterberg is in disarray after 13 games without a win, while Tus Kreiglag currently has all the trumps with 28 points.

Next Saturday, Krieglach travels to SV ET KÖNIG Unzmarkt-Frauenburg, meanwhile the SV Central Dancing Hinterberg ATV welcomes Gabriel Erding.

Game Rating:

Gerald Greisler, Krieglach’s sporting director:

“The opponent was only able to put the pokes in for a short time. There was a clear increase in chances. Congratulations to our poor team, who pulled themselves out of the match in excellent form.”

Starting formations:

Craiglag: Michael Buddle – Daniel Ashber, Philip Schneller, Marcel Petri, Oliver Carlon – Nico Petri, Manuel Holzer, Nico Jans – Marco Gfrierer (k), Manuel Putz, Manuel Mayerhofer

Hinterberg: Florian Aigner – Matthias Mock, Marco Lacmer (k), Sebastian Aigner, Philipp Schweigart, Alexander Mostel – Luca Makutschnig, Patrick Vail, Oliver Senkar – Nico Schiekofer, Jan Luca Bongratz

Artificial turf in Krieglach, 300 spectators, Referee: Salhudin Causevic

© Robert Tveit

Oberliga Nord: EKRO Tus Krieglach football – SV Central Dancing Hinterberg, 1:0 (0:0)