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Co-op mode announced – with limitations

Co-op mode announced – with limitations

This year’s Gamescom brings exciting news for fans of the “Little Nightmares” series. The third part of the nightmarish platformer has been announced and will be available for PC and console next year. The highlight of the reveal is undoubtedly the long-awaited co-op mode.

Coralie Feniello, a producer at Supermassive, stressed the importance of responding to player requests: “Co-op was the biggest desire of our fans, so it was very important for us to offer it. I think it adds another layer to the game by being able to experience it with a friend. At the same time Same, we also want the player to be able to experience the game the way they want. That’s why we kept the single player mode so you can play with the AI ​​even if you don’t play online co-op.

Local couch co-op mode was intentionally avoided in order to maintain the immersion and unique atmosphere of the game. Game director Wayne Garland stressed the importance of this decision: “We want to make sure we maintain the atmosphere and immersion of Little Nightmares.”