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Panasonic: Amazon OS replaces two home screens in upcoming TVs

Panasonic: Amazon OS replaces two home screens in upcoming TVs

Panasonic currently offers smart TVs with different operating systems. In the premium segment, for example for OLED models like the MZW2004, it relies on its My Home Screen platform. However, in the entry- and mid-tier, Japanese people also use Google TV and Amazon’s Fire OS. The latter should also set the tone for future Panasonic TV models. Because apparently my home screen has been turned off.

Fire OS instead of My Home Screen for new Panasonic TVs

So I mentioned Including Referring to the company’s spokespersons, Amazon Fire OS will gradually replace My Home Screen in Panasonic’s upcoming smart TVs. Gradually, you will probably switch completely to the partner’s operating system. Panasonic has so far avoided giving a clear reason for discontinuing My Home Screen. It can be assumed that further development of your platform may not be economical anymore. By licensing Fire OS, you not only reduce your costs, but also ensure broad application support.

The Panasonic MZW834 actually uses Fire OS instead of My Home Screen. | Photo: Panasonic

Panasonic already sells TVs in Germany with entry-level models of the MZW834 series that use Amazon’s Fire OS. This will not be the exception but the rule in the future. However, Panasonic has made adjustments. For example, you don’t need an Amazon account to run the brand’s TV models. It seems that Panasonic wants to stick to this strategy in its upcoming smart TVs and adapt some of the most important functions of My Home Screen to the modified Fire OS.

In our tests of TVs like the MZW2004, we found that My Home Screen offers a narrower set of apps than many competitors, but it’s very tidy and doesn’t clutter the screen with suggestions and ads. You can find an overview of all the Panasonic TVs we tested here.

Panasonic doesn’t yet offer a clear roadmap for the end of my home screen

However, Panasonic is not currently committed to talking about the exact timeline for the end of the My Home Screen. It has already been clarified that already released Panasonic TVs should not receive the Fire OS update. So you stay with the current system. It will also be interesting to see exactly how Panasonic plans to move forward with its various model series and whether it also means the complete end of Android TV or Google TV at the manufacturer.

There will definitely be more detailed information soon. Apparently my home screen will soon be history. We assume that the increased monetization of TV operating systems through advertising also plays an important role. Panasonic probably can’t avoid getting involved and has secured a partner with experience in Amazon and its Fire OS.

In addition to the MZW834, there will soon be other Panasonic smart TVs running Fire OS.
In addition to the MZW834, there will soon be other Panasonic smart TVs running Fire OS. | Photo: Panasonic

LG with webOS and Samsung with Tizen are also seeking to significantly expand their partnerships. With a growing ecosystem, in addition to actual TV sales, you eventually want to make a lot of money through subsequent monetization through subscriptions, advertising, and building a new foothold.