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Clump icon in hospital: Ingrid Steger: ‘I’m not feeling well’

Clump icon in hospital: Ingrid Steger: ‘I’m not feeling well’

Ingrid Steger and her dog Lumpy. She became a television icon through ‘Klimbim’.

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Huge interest in “Klimbim” star Ingrid Steiger. The German actress had to be taken to the hospital.

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  • Ingrid Steiger was hospitalized with an intestinal obstruction.
  • The actress has to remain in the hospital until Friday.
  • Ingrid Steiger became known to a wide audience through the TV series “Klimbim”.

Ingrid Steiger is not feeling well. The 76-year-old actress was hospitalized in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. This is discovered “picture” Exclusive.

The “Klippim” star lives in a nursing home in the same town. Well, just before Christmas, things were not going well for the actress’s health.

“I have an intestinal obstruction and I don’t feel well. I hope for the best.” She continues: “I came to the clinic yesterday morning because I was suffering from severe stomach pain.”

Ingrid Steger doesn’t know how she’ll celebrate Christmas

She does not have to undergo surgery. “It was done using tablets. I will stay in the clinic until Friday.”

“Mentally I’m in good shape,” adds Ingrid Steger. However, she doesn’t know exactly what Christmas Eve will look like.

The actress became famous through the TV series “Klimpiem”, which was shown from 1973 to 1979. She was one of the most famous stars in Germany in the 1970s.

Steeger has recently been on the theater scene. Since 2020 she has lived with her sister, and after her fall in September 2022 she moved to a nursing home.

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