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Carmen Jess surprises with a change in her appearance – “She is not 20 anymore”

Carmen Jess surprises with a change in her appearance – “She is not 20 anymore”

And now it’s a long time again. Carmen Jess has been sporting hair that barely extends past her shoulders for a while now. Her fans have always raved about Giessens’ mother’s hairstyle, and many believe the look suits the 58-year-old’s age perfectly. Now the businessman has made another change.

Carmen Guess’s latest Instagram post from Sunday evening (December 17, 2023) shows three photos of wife Robert, 59: once with her old shoulder-length hairstyle and then two more photos in which she shows off her new hair. The comments section was quickly filled with a number of reactions – although not all of them were positive.

“I’m so happy I was able to get my new accessories before Christmas,” Carmen Guess happily says in her Instagram post, adding, “Now the holiday season can begin.”

The new photos show mum Davina, 20, and Shania Jess, 19, with much longer blonde hair. Obviously a few centimeters have been added thanks to the extensions. Carmen also wears a dark jacket with skulls on it and black sunglasses.

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But while the millionaire’s wife smiles happily at the camera, many of her fans are not at all satisfied with her new look and sometimes find obvious words. “I like short hair 100 times better,” one user wrote, for example, and another, more pointedly, said: “If you were 20, great. But you’re not anymore. Shorter would be nobler.”

But there are also positive comments: “You look amazing,” “Very well done,” and “I think your long hair is the best” are other comments on the Instagram post. (love)