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Cleo’s mother: “Cleo is a fighter”

On Friday, Australian woman Cleo Smith (4) went missing from her parents’ tent. Her mother asked the public to help with the search.

Summarize the essentials

  • Little Cleo Smith (4) has been missing since Friday night.
  • Since then, the Australian woman has been eagerly sought after.
  • Her mother also goes public and asks for help.

Cleo Smith (4) went missing from his tent box on Friday night. Since then, The Need a little Australian. Police are doing everything they can to reunite the four-year-old girl with her parents. His mother Ellie Smith speaks openly to the media and asks for help.

“Nothing can be done”

Little Cleo’s mother told The Sydney Morning Herald: “There is nothing we can do, it is not in our hands. We feel hopeless. She will not leave the tent alone. “

“If I think she’s kidnapped, shoot me A million other things Through my head, ”she says in frustration.

Hope is not abandoned

However, Ellie did not give up hope: “Cleo is strong. She was born prematurely, a fighter since she was born. I know you. Anything can survive. ⁇

The young family can also count on the support of the family: “Many have helped us. Everyone is asking what we need. All we really need is for our little girl to come home.”

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