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Australia: Merchant Benz has been sued by several dealers

D.He is an Australian dealer Mercedes Benz A lead against their own manufacturer. They sued Mercedes-Benz in federal court in Australia for a disputed $ 650 million (41 415.03 million).

Christoph Hein

South Asia / Pacific Business Correspondent based in Singapore.

More than 80 per cent of Mercedes dealers in the Australian Automobile Dealers Association (AADA) are affiliated with “below”: “This lawsuit prevents the Mercedes Benz dealer from forcing remote changes to the business model and replacing the previous dealer’s business model with a standard pricing agent model.” “For Mercedes-Benz, the legal challenge is a major obstacle to publishing the agency model worldwide.”

Dealerships fear that they will lose their status as independent companies and become pure representatives of Mercedes-Benz. “This change will have serious consequences for companies in the future because, among other things, large showrooms will be overcrowded. Will cause. ”