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Chittor vs football icon: David Beckham eats sea urchins

Sheetstorm vs the football legend

David Beckham eats sea urchins

What is considered a delicacy for many reasons causes other people to have red heads. Therefore, David Beckham caught a severe storm because he eats sea urchins during his vacation in Croatia.

Cozy soccer legend David Beckham, 47, is sailing with his daughter Harper, 11, on a boat, as his wife Victoria, 48, shows off her 30 million Instagram followers. She writes: “Kisses from Croatia.” But the Briton not only enjoys holidays with his offspring. For lunch, he gets raw sea urchins and a glass of white wine.

What many consider a delicacy of the sea infuriates animal rights activists. Because sea urchins are threatened with extinction due to excessive overfishing in stocks. Animal rights activists appeal to the common sense of gourmets who leave the animals where they belong: at sea.