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China is appealing the World Trade Organization decision in its dispute with the United States

China is appealing the World Trade Organization decision in its dispute with the United States

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Updated September 19, 2023 at 4:39 p.m

China has appealed the World Trade Organization’s decision on its punitive tit-for-tat tariff dispute with the United States.

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the president The Dispute Settlement Body of the World Trade Organization announced this on Tuesday during its meeting in Geneva, Agence France-Presse learned from informed sources. The dispute has been ongoing for several years, and because the dispute resolution body has not been able to act effectively since 2019, a quick resolution is not expected.

Still under the US President Donald Trump The United States imposed punitive tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from China and other countries. At the time, Trump said that national security was threatened by the import of large quantities of these products. The government in Beijing responded by imposing punitive tariffs on three billion euros worth of US imports, including fruit and pork.

The United States went to the World Trade Organization against China’s punitive tariffs. However, since December 2019 – and then also under President Trump – Washington has been blocking the appointment of new judges to the Dispute Settlement Body and instead calling for a fundamental reform of the organization.

Under President Joe Biden, Washington has adopted a less aggressive tone on foreign trade issues, but punitive tariffs on Chinese metals have been maintained.

A committee set up specifically to deal with the trade dispute between Beijing and Washington agreed with the United States last year that China’s punitive tariffs violate international trade law. Beijing has now appealed this decision.

Other WTO committees, formed as a result of lawsuits against US tariffs on steel and aluminum, also classified the US actions as illegal. Washington also appealed.
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