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Charlene Monaco is in unexpected company

Charlene Monaco is in unexpected company

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It was all about the kids – so Charlene from Monaco and Caroline from Hanover brought Monaco’s offspring with them to a very special event.

MONACO – As the first snowflakes fall from the sky in Germany, the ice in the rocky state of Monaco is beginning to melt. For many years, Charlene de Monaco (45) and her sister-in-law Caroline Hanover (66) were not exactly friends, to say the least. There were no joint appearances, as Prince Albert II (65 years old) appeared diplomatically, sometimes with his wife Charlene and sometimes with his sister Caroline.

A new division of labor in Monaco: Caroline supports Charlene, and Stephanie accompanies Albert

But since Princess Charlene of Monaco has begun working more in the principality again after a break due to illness, she has often been seen harmonizing with Princess Caroline. When the two cannon salutes were recently restarted in Monaco, Charlene not only surprised everyone with hearing protection in her Prada dress, but also with Caroline by her side. Just a few days later, Princess Charlene visited Princess Antoinette’s garden on the occasion of World Children’s Rights Day.

Charlene gave birth to twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella (8 years old), who, like their mother, looked elegant in black and beige winter clothes. Caroline von Hannover didn’t look very deep in her stylish sunglasses, but her wide smile spoke volumes. However, Caroline’s little companion Balthazar Painter (5 years old) stole the show with his blue balloon sword. The youngest son of Princess Caroline’s daughter Charlotte Casiraghi (37 years old) is rarely seen in public.

‘True Joy’: The end of the ice age between Charlene and Caroline makes fans rejoice

The closeness between Charlene and Caroline doesn’t go unnoticed by fans of Monaco’s royal family either. “It’s a real pleasure to see Princess Charlene and her sister-in-law Princess Caroline surrounded by their children and grandchildren uniting for this great cause,” one Instagram user said. By the way, the three first in line to the throne in Monaco presented themselves for this appointment: Prince Jacques, Princess Gabriella and Caroline of Hanover.

Charlene Monaco on National Day in Monaco.
In meeting with the twins, Charlene from Monaco received support across generations. © imago/PPE

Anyway, it seems that all the royal family members enjoyed the event. While little Balthazar proudly held his balloon sword, Princess Gabriella actively helped treat the teddy bear. Although Gabriella and Jack now increasingly attend official events in the emirate, their privacy is sacred to their mother – as she said in the interview. News24 She revealed that Charlene from Monaco has deleted her Instagram account. Sources used: Instagram,