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Thomas Gottschalk’s cartoon “Wetten, dass..?”

Thomas Gottschalk’s cartoon “Wetten, dass..?”

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Thomas Gottschalk said goodbye to the “Wetten,dass..?” phase. But what does a broadcaster earn for an evening on stage?

Mainz – On November 25, 2023, Thomas Gottschalk (73 years old) said goodbye to the “Wetten,dass..?” forever. The broadcaster was driven out of the studio in a huge digger – and said ‘goodbye’ in memory of the legendary bets. The TV star has likely been paid handsomely by ZDF over the years for his appearances. But how much did the broadcaster really pay him?

Thomas Gottschalk negotiated these fees for moderation “Wetten,dass..?”

With a few slips of the tongue, Thomas Gottschalk had the Internet laughing on Saturday night. So Matthias Schweighofer (42 years old) soon became “Matthias Schweinsteiger” on the “Wetten,dass..?” sofa. But his guests and the audience at home forgave the broadcaster for the incident that occurred in front of the camera. After all, the 73-year-old has been entertaining ZDF since 1987. How much money does Thomas Gottschalk earn on an evening of “Wetten,dass..?” Which was previously a well-kept secret. the pictureHowever, the newspaper has a contract detailing his first fees.

All missions of Thomas Gottschalk ZDF in 1987 are recorded in the 36-year-old document. There are also four episodes of “Wetten,dass..?”. According to the document, the artist was paid 100,000 German marks (about 51,000 euros) for a broadcast duration of 105 minutes. The contract is dated November, so it applies retroactively to the entire year. At that point, Gottschalk had already completed two “Wetten,dass..?” programs.

The craziest bets on “Wetten, dass..?”

Since the first episode of the series “Wetten,dass..?” Hitting screens on February 14, 1981, the TV studio became the setting for some bizarre and astonishing bets. In 1988, Thomas Rautenberg claimed he could tell the color of crayons by smelling them, and he succeeded – which is, of course, a complete cheat. In 1997, Niko Haddad extinguished a burning shack using only blown air and five liters of water. In 2007, Gerhard Dhoni was able to put up 20 pins by throwing them on the backs of 10 men. The final episode of the fan-favorite show is likely to showcase several exciting betting projects once again.


“Wetten, dass..?” Terms: This was Thomas Gottschalk’s first contract

Attentive fans may be skeptical about the contract – because the fee is based on a set number of streaming minutes across all broadcasts. Over the years, Thomas Gottschalk never finished “Wetten,dass..?” on time. The show was often extended by about half, so all other elements of the program had to be significantly postponed. Gottschalk’s hourly wages likely would have been significantly reduced. He received 225 thousand marks (about 115 thousand euros) for all the forms included in the contract.

Thomas Gottschalk in a movie
Thomas Gottschalk directed “Wetten,dass..?” For the first time in 1987. His salary was revealed from confidential documents. © Imago/Moon Photo Agency, YouTubepress

However, it is unclear how the superintendent’s salary continued after the first two years. “The contractual partners will announce by June 30, 1988 whether they want to continue the contract after December 31, 1988. If the answer is yes, this framework agreement will be extended for another year.” Accordingly, circumstances could have changed in the following year. The offer was The latter is worth it for Gottschalk and ZDF: “Wetten,dass..?” received dream reviews. Sources used: