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Caught up in flames with “Bye Germany” star Steve Jerkle

Caught up in flames with “Bye Germany” star Steve Jerkle

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“Goodbye Germany” immigrant Steve Gerkel told his fans on Instagram on Sunday about a fire. The TV star posted two photos and made a brief statement.

Mallorca – What a shock! Immigrant from Mallorca Steve Gerkel (54 years old) posted two photos of the fire on Instagram on Sunday (August 20) in the morning. My beloved “Goodbye Germany” was apparently convincingly lucky.

Steve Gerkel: The ‘Goodbye Germany’ star reports after the fire with a short statement

Steve Jerkle, who recently hinted at a return to love on Instagram after his split from Peggy Jerofke (47) in November 2022, always lets his followers share his life. Whether it is good, emotional or bad news. Sunday morning, the “Goodbye Germany” star was supposed to start his day with a jitter.

Because: On his Instagram page, Jerkelle uploaded two photos of a fire extinguished and let his followers share in the incident. “There was a fire,” said the 54-year-old. In addition, he put a stunned emoji after his words. It appears there was a fire in his basement near a heating system.

Thanks to the celebrities “Bye Germany” – these stars succeeded!

On August 15, 2006, the first episode of “Goodbye Germany” hit TV screens, and since then Vox has produced more than ten seasons of the docu-soap. Over the years, many emigrants have achieved great fame thanks to the show, including Kony (67), Manuela Reimann (54), Daniela Katzenberger (36), Chris Tobroen (48), Jens Buechner (49), O’Caro (44) and Andreas Robbins (56). .

‘Fortunately, it won’t happen again’: Steve Jerkle escaped with a black eye

But Gerkel reassured his fans: “Fortunately nothing else happened.” The owner of the restaurant has not yet commented on the reason. He also did not know yet if there was a fire in his house or in his area.

Fire image of Steve Jerkle left, star
A fire broke out in the immigrant “Goodbye Germany” Stef Gerkel. He announced this to his fans on Sunday (August 20, 2023) on Instagram. © Screenshots: Instagram / steff.jerkel

Since splitting from Peggy Jerofke, Steff Jerkel has also gone professionally and is working on his first sports bar, which is set to open in 2024. But renovations in the past have been a pure disaster for the “Bye Germany” star. Sources used: Instagram / steff. jerkel