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Saints Row: Reboot was the worst-selling entry in the series

Saints Row: Reboot was the worst-selling entry in the series

It's common knowledge that the Saints Row reboot in 2022 was a complete flop. Now it appears that it was actually the best-selling entry in the series.

Saints Row had a lot of fans for a while, but eventually it also meant the downfall of developer studio Volition, which eventually closed after the Embracer Group takeover and the failed reboot. As it turns out now, it seems the reboot wasn't a good idea from a sales perspective either.

As Tyrin Stephenson, Volition's former community and social media manager, stated on his LinkedIn profile, the reboot has sold just 1.7 million copies, apparently making it the worst-selling entry in the series. Numbers for the previous game, Saints Row 4, are unknown, but are assumed to be higher, as more than a million copies were sold in the first week after launch.

The most successful entry in the series was Saints Row The Third with 5.5 million copies, followed by Saints Row 2 with 3.4 million and the original with over 2 million. It's a huge downgrade, although you have to admit the reboot wasn't very good either. While parts 2 through 4 were still in the 80s on Metacritic, the reboot only achieved an average rating of 61 and was considered a step backwards in all respects.

The title has finally broken developer Volition's neck after 27 years. The company already had a troubled past. After being founded in 1996, THQ acquired Volition in 2000 and released titles like Summoner, Red Faction, and more. Following THQ's bankruptcy, the Volition and Saints Row license passed to Koch Media in 2013, which in turn was purchased by Embracer in 2018.

Embracer head Lars Wingefors said shortly before the studio closed: “I personally would have liked a bigger response to the game,” he said at the time. “It's been very polarizing. There's a lot of things you can say about it in detail, but on the one hand, I'm happy that a lot of players and fans are happy, and at the same time I'm a little sad. That the fans aren't happy, so it's difficult.”

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