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Nobody expected this wedding

Nobody expected this wedding

in “Love stormIt hints at a turn that may leave many fans speechless. get married now Elena And julian By the end of the season?

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At least in terms of sentiment, the current season of “The Storm of Love” is slowly coming to an end, after all the drama that has gripped Fürstenhof in recent months or will do so in the coming weeks. Of course, the focus is on supposed dream husband Eleni (Dorothy Neff) and Leander (Marcel Zuchlag), who are eagerly awaiting their supposed wedding at the end of season 19. But does this happen at all? The current previews tend to suggest that Julian (Tim Boris) and Eleni could actually say yes.

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Love storm: Eleni is pregnant – Julian wants to get married

The development is mainly related to some surprise events that will take place in the Fürstenhof in the coming weeks. Because it actually seems like Eleni is finally gathering the courage to openly admit to Julien that the man of her dreams is actually Leander. But before that happens, Eleni suddenly encounters a turn she hadn’t expected at all: she finds out she’s pregnant.

Without knowing exactly who the father is, Eleni confronts the truth with the two men in her life, who act in completely different ways. While Julien can’t believe his luck and is already planning the “young family”‘s next steps, Leander is horrified. Shortly thereafter, when he wants to force the woman of his heart into making a choice, Eleni listens to her heart and mind and sees more of her future with Julien.

Indeed, in the “Storm of Love” preview, it is already indicated that Julien must plan Eleni’s wedding and himself. But Eleni fears just that, because the next steps after pregnancy go by too quickly for her. Will there really be an improbable happy ending between Leander and Eleni again? Or will a man of dreams be exchanged this year and the wedding will take place between Eleni and Julian? We’ll find out in a few weeks about Love Storm.