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Casio opens a virtual G-SHOCK store in the Metaverse

Casio opens a virtual G-SHOCK store in the Metaverse

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VRChat’s first watch customization provider

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. Today, it announced the launch of a virtual store in the Metaverse for shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches. The new store will open on October 6, 2023 on the social virtual reality platform VRChat, where visitors will, among other things, have the opportunity to customize their watches.

In recent years, it has become increasingly popular among younger users to create avatars (virtual characters), explore virtual spaces, and communicate with each other in the metaverse.

In response, Casio is opening a virtual G-SHOCK store, referred to in the metaverse as “World,” to promote the culture of equipping avatars with watches and capitalize on the strong support G-SHOCK enjoys among users for its shock resistance and unique characteristics. Designs. Casio has signed a partnership agreement with VRChat Inc, operator of the largest social virtual reality platform VRChat. This is the first time ever that a watch manufacturer has opened a world (virtual space) in VRChat.

In the virtual world of the G-SHOCK Store, users can combine different components to create their own individual G-SHOCK watch. They can also see what their VRChat avatars look like when they wear the watches they’ve created. Additionally, users can purchase watch components as digital items for use in VRChat from the official Casio online store on BOOTH, a global online marketplace for creative endeavors, to create virtual G-SHOCK watches designed by their avatars in the G-SHOCK-STORE and can wear Other VRChat worlds. These virtual clocks correlate with the time at the user’s location and allow users to check the time in VRChat.

Information about VRChat

VRChat is a virtual reality Metaverse platform that allows users to take the form of an avatar and enjoy interactive experiences in virtual worlds. Millions of people have formed a wide range of user communities where they can freely enjoy activities in metaverses on the platform.

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