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If you drive a BMW, you should not charge your iPhone in the car

If you drive a BMW, you should not charge your iPhone in the car

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If you drive a BMW, you should definitely not charge your iPhone in the car

If you want to charge your iPhone in the car, you need to be careful. Many users have reported that wireless charging in their BMW results in damage to the NFC chip.


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  • Users have reported problems after charging the iPhone 15 wirelessly in BMW vehicles.

  • The smartphone will malfunction and then the NFC chip will not work.

  • This chip is used for payment via Apple Pay or other functions.

  • Apple has not yet published a solution or statement about the flaw, but it clarifies.

The iPhone 15 and its models have caused a variety of issues for users since its release at the end of September. Only recently have there been increasing reports that Apple’s latest smartphone It may overheat due to a software error. Now iPhone 15 owners are reporting a problem again: The wireless charging station in the BMW appears to be malfunctioning.

The NFC chip no longer works

These BMW wireless charging stations are currently causing issues with the iPhone 15.

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According to, BMW drivers are currently complaining on social media and forums that the iPhone 15’s built-in NFC chip no longer works. This is after they charge their smartphones using the wireless charging station built into the car. According to those affected, the iPhone 15 will go into data recovery mode with a white screen, and after restarting the NFC chip will no longer work.

Apple’s NFC chip is used, among other things, to pay with Apple Pay or for digital car keys. Users who tried to use the push function after wireless charging received an error message. According to, some iPhone owners also reported that Apple replaced their iPhone after the defect. But the second device will face the same problem again.

There is no solution in sight yet

The clever minds on social media and tech forums have not yet found a solution to avoid the problem and are still using the charging station in the BMW. It is also unclear what causes this defect. Reports are currently limited to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, but other models in the series may also be affected.

Upon request, Apple Switzerland announced that the company’s specialists are currently clarifying what this could be. Until then, BMW users will probably have to charge their iPhones either via cable or at home.

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