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Leakt reveals the drivers and upcoming seasons for the fun racer

Leakt reveals the drivers and upcoming seasons for the fun racer

while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe The contender is slowly but surely heading into its well-deserved retirement with its final wave of DLC planned for the winter Disney Speedstorm It recently pulled out of early access.

the Free downloadable titles It has finally been published in full since last Thursday, marking the start of the fourth season that mainly revolves around Aladdin. With the hero of the movie of the same name, Yasmine, the Genie and Jaafar, four new drivers board the virtual car Data miner Betrayal indeed How things should continue then.

Disney Speedstorm: According to the leak, these drivers end up in a Mario Kart competitor

It seems that leaker AusilMV has been diligently spying on the Disney Speedstorm files and is sharing them Twitter Now tell me what results he supposedly arrived at. across the Roadmap from Gameloft developer studio There’s already official confirmation for one or two seasons mentioned in the leak, but not for all of them, let alone individual characters. Keep your expectations for the following, Information coming from the leak So it’s best to keep things under control:

Frozen: Completely shameless

Ariel the mermaid

Nightmare before Christmas

  • doctor. Finkelstein
  • Jack Skillinton
  • Oogie Boogie
  • Sally

In addition to the three seasons with their respective drivers, some of the characters featured in the leak should appear independently of their franchises. These include, for example: Oswald the funny rabbit And Ortensia From the classic cartoon from 1927, plus the two robots Wall e And Eve From the animated film Wall-E: The Last One to Clean Earth. According to the leak, subsequent seasons, which currently do not have details about the games in question, will include, among others, Ralph, Everything is Inside Out and Tron.

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