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Campaign song: The composer of the song “We are Family” confronts the Zurich politicians, the first vice president

Campaign song: The composer of the song “We are Family” confronts the Zurich politicians, the first vice president

Campaign song

The composer of We Are Family is competing for the 1st Vice Presidential Politicians in Zurich

After the SVP’s campaign song “Das isch d’SVP” was banned on YouTube, US musician Neil Rodgers has spoken up again — directing himself directly at a political SVP in Zurich.


Vice Presidential Campaign Song – Original or Copied from “We Are Family”?

SVP Switzerland

  • American musician and composer Neil Rodgers tweeted directly to the SVP in Zurich.

  • Sometimes he writes: “If you don’t know, why don’t you believe an artist?”

  • Meanwhile, Martin Hartmann, Senior Vice President of the President, was surprised by the musician’s straightforward answer.

PublishingAnd Blocking, allegations of plagiarism and now a Twitter debate between musician Nile Rodgers and senior vice president Martin Hartmann. The senior vice president’s campaign song “Das isch d’SVP” continues to cause anger. After the composer, “We Are Family,” Rodgers Already announced on TwitterTo take legal action against the use of his song, he is now shooting directly at Zurich senior vice-president politician Hartmann.

“Dear Martin Hartmann, it took me decades to learn how to touch people’s hearts through songs and I don’t always get it right,” the musician wrote in a tweet on Friday.

“Why don’t you believe an artist?”

And further: «SVP claims their song is an original song. If that were the case, they wouldn’t have heard a word from me. If this is an “original song”, why didn’t they write an original chorus? I rarely license my songs when people change the verses. You can say and believe what you want, just don’t take what I made me do without my authorization! I think you know the chorus is the tune of “We Are Family.” If you don’t know, why not believe an artist? I have been composing music for over 50 years. my regards.”

Rodgers’ tweet appeared to be in response to a comment Hartmann wrote under Rodgers’ first tweet on the SVP song. “You have no idea. Embarrassing,” said the deputy political chief there.

I didn’t expect to get an answer from him.

Comments of praise are piling under Rodger’s latest tweet. “I stand behind you 100 percent, Mr. Rodgers, and hope you make a fortune off right-wing bigots” or “Let them leg be hell or hell,” for example.

“I didn’t expect to get an answer from him,” Hartmann says on the 20-minute request. “It would be a decoration if you provided some substance,” he says. But Rodgers gets lost again in the “public spaces of beautiful words and feelings”. Rodgers is likely waiting in vain for a counter-reaction from Hartmann: “I do not intend to respond to him because he seems to lack political depth and concrete understanding of the situation in Switzerland. So I will not bother him any more,” says Hartmann.

The comedian is believed to be behind the closure

The campaign song “Das isch d’SVP” was a few hours after it was posted Banned from YouTube. The reason for this: “copyright claims by Sony”.

A 20-minute search is detectedThat the Swiss comedian Carpi was behind the ban. “When I heard the song and saw it, I immediately knew the song was copied,” Carby told 20 Minutes. He tweeted the composer’s “We Are Family” Rodgers via Twitter on the song Attentive and have also reported the matter to Sony Switzerland.

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