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Call: Have you ever had stupid setbacks in your summer clothes?

Call: Have you ever had stupid setbacks in your summer clothes?


Do you face stupid pickups in your summer clothes?

Women on Tiktok wear oversized T-shirts and T-shirts over sundresses to protect themselves from prying eyes. Do you also wear a “Subway shirt”? Tell us


Staring and Calling: Women have unpleasant experiences in their summer dresses. On Tiktok, some wear a “subway shirt” to hide their clothes on the way from A to B. (Avatar)


Finally the sun is shining. during the Pentecost holiday High temperatures in parts of Switzerland up to 25 degrees. This ensures that many of them wear shorts, T-shirts or shorts Short summer dresses Pry through the closet again. But as seen in a number of videos on Tiktok, some women cover their summer clothes with what is called a “subway shirt”.

The shirt or oversized shirt is intended to conceal the woman’s clothing and thus protect her from unwanted looks and aggressions such as denunciations on the street and on public transport. Do you also hide your summer clothes until you reach your destination? What are the reasons for this? Tell us in the form.

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