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Prepare for conflict. Chinese hackers infiltrate US infrastructure

Chinese hackers mostly stay hidden.


Chinese state hackers have breached critical infrastructure in the United States. Obviously, the goal is to prepare for a possible military conflict.

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  • The ongoing hacking campaign since 2021 targets critical infrastructure in the USA.
  • Microsoft believes that hackers controlled by the Chinese state are responsible for this.
  • With these actions, China seems to want to prepare for a conflict with the United States.

It appears that state-controlled hackers from China have managed to break into computer systems connected to critical infrastructure. the mentioned Microsoft. The attacks are said to have started in 2021 and are still ongoing. Affected businesses and organizations have been warned.

The hacking campaign, codenamed “Typhoon Volt” by Microsoft, placed great value on undetected. The goal was espionage on the one hand, but also to establish a permanent presence in regimes that could be used for destructive purposes in the future if the political leadership wanted it in this way.

Guam in particular

With hacking attacks, China apparently wants to arm itself for a possible conflict with the United States. A particularly large number of attacks was noted on the western Pacific island of Guam, which is a US territory and where the US military has a significant presence. In the event of a confrontation between China and the United States, Guam would likely be a central arena.

US intelligence services apparently discovered the attack in February, when Chinese spy balloons over the US mainland caused an uproar. Chinese state-controlled hackers have so far focused almost exclusively on espionage, and therefore often remain undetected for a long time, while Russian hacking groups also perform many destructive actions.