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Bronze Medal for Women's Triathlon |  Swiss Shooting Federation

Bronze Medal for Women’s Triathlon | Swiss Shooting Federation

Bronze medals for Francesca Stark, Nina Kristen and Chiara Leon (from left)

Kristen, Stark and Leonie hit again: The Swiss won bronze in the 50m triplex team competition in Rio de Janeiro. They lost the gold medal match by just one point.

The Rifle Women’s Super Triathlon has yet another bronze medal in its pockets. As happened in March at the ISSF World Cup in Cairo (Egypt), Nina Kristen, Francesca Stark and Chiara Leon took third place. Switzerland won the bronze match 16: 4 over Czech Anita Brabakova, Lucy Brazdova and Sabina Thornwaldova.
“With a convincing performance in the second stage and subsequent final, the Swiss women have once again shown that they are among the best teams in the world,” said Daniel Berger, Head of Class One Sports at SSV. However, the team was a bit disappointed that it didn’t make it to the gold medal match due to a single point.
The gold was taken by Norway’s Catherine Lund, Jenny Steni and Janet Destand. Apparently they lost 16:4 to Morgan Cripp, Mary Tucker and Sagan Maddalena of the United States.

Women’s 50m Rifle Final Three places
The medal match was not enough, but the Swiss women showed a strong performance in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).
“Nina is on the way back, but the lack of training was noticeable,” said coach Burger, after the women’s 50-meter final with three positions. After a long break, it was Kristen’s first final match. This could have led to important insights into what was still needed for the world championships in Cairo in the fall, Burger explained.

As in the playoffs, the Nidwalden native moved in midfield during the final. In the prone part, the chances of getting the podium are increased. Unfortunately, the standing part threw her back again. But in the latter case, all the finalists faced initial difficulties. With 355.6 points she finished the final in fifth place.

As the second Swiss in the final, Francesca Stark also fought over the precious metal. In the oath of kneeling and lying, the native of Thurgau was still below; Then she overtook the Danish Stephanie Grundsoy and took seventh place with a score of 300.8 points.
Daniel Burger’s conclusion: “Franzi is still gaining experience. For them, this final was an important step on their way to the top of the world.”

In the gold-medal match, Norway’s Janet Dystad defeated Anna Jansen. A bitter pill for the German who led the rating until the duel against Duestad. Bronze went to American Sagen Maddalena.

50m rifle three positions wedxed team
Switzerland’s Nina Christine/Christophe Dorr and Francesca Stark/Jan Lochbiler are no longer competing in the three-place 50m mixed discipline rifle. Reason: the organizer changed the schedule at short notice, which could cause problems for the Swiss delegation on its return home. This was fitting for Jan Lochbihler, who will be a first-time dad in the next few days.