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Broken screen: Lufthansa plane has to turn around and refuel after take-off

Broken screen: Lufthansa plane has to turn around and refuel after take-off

Lufthansa Cityline’s CRJ 900 had to return to Katowice shortly after take-off. An empty tank and a faulty monitor are to blame.

You get in your car and drive off, and only then do you notice that your car doesn’t have enough fuel. A quick stop at the nearest gas station solves the problem. However, pilots do not have it that easy with their planes.

On Monday, October 9, a Lufthansa Cityline Bombardier CRJ 900 was forced to return to Katowice in Poland due to a lack of fuel. The aircraft with registration D-ACNB took off from there on flight LH1361 towards Frankfurt at 10:34 am. However, immediately afterwards, she changed course, only ascended to an altitude of about 1,300 metres, turned around, and then sank again from this point onwards and returned to the departure airport.

The show only works live

At 8:56 a.m., the plane landed again at the Polish airport from where it took off, data from the flight tracking service Flight Radar showed. First, the Aviation Herald portal, which specializes in accidents, reported that the Lufthansa City Line plane was not supplied with sufficient fuel and therefore had to return to Katowice.

A Lufthansa spokesperson then told aeroTELEGRAPH that a temporary defect in the fuel gauge was the cause of the problem. This incorrectly indicated to the cockpit crew on the ground that the tank was sufficiently full, but it then changed in the air. Returning to Katowice, the CRJ 900 was refueled.

Landing in Frankfurt at midday

“A technician also checked the screen, which is back working,” the spokesperson said. Another review will take place in Frankfurt. The D-ACNB plane took off again at 11:33 a.m. and landed at Germany’s largest airport 1:12 hours later.

On the same day, the machine made trips between Frankfurt and Poznań as well as between Frankfurt and Friedrichshafen. There is no flight scheduled for Tuesday (October 10).

Structure problems are a common cause of reversals

It sometimes happens that planes have to turn around shortly after take-off and return to the airport from which they just took off. For example, landing gear retraction problems often cause such a scenario.