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Blade Runner RPG |  On Kickstarter in May - in stores in the fall

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According to a survey conducted by news websites world he is “Blade Runner RPG“The most anticipated RPG of the year. RPG enthusiasts should look forward to fall when the game comes out.

Anyone who wants a copy can do so Starting May 3rd at 3PM CET on KickstarterBecause then the campaign begins. More details about the campaign will be provided The game’s website And post it on social media.

Experience Blade Runner for yourself?

Set in the year 2037, the adventure began shortly after The Wallace Company introduced its new Nexus-9 replicas to Earth. Players can choose to take on the role of human racers or blade racers with different specializations, characters, and memories.

For a glimpse into the neon-colored Neverland, Free League has teased new graphics and a few pages from its upcoming basebook.

Apart from the basic cases, the role-playing game will capture the main themes of Blade Runner in both the setting and the game mechanics. Works of science fiction, corporate machinations, existential character dramas, and moral clashes will be significant. This is meant to challenge them to question all of their orders, to sympathize with their enemies. There are difficult decisions to make, with significant risks and long-term repercussions.

Information about the Liberal League

Free League is one of the most funded RPG publishers on Kickstarter, raising over $9 million across 28 successful campaigns including The One Ring, Vaesen, Forbidden Lands and Tales from the Loop. Thomas Herrenstam, co-founder of Free League and lead game designer of ALIEN RPG, takes up the same role in BLADE RUNNER RPG. Original graphics by Martin Grip, ALIEN RPG lead artist. Genuine Entertainment’s Joe LeFavi, who also brokered the deal with Alcon for Free League, serves as senior writer, brand manager and producer for the game series.


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