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Brain Drain at PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland - Inside Paradeplatz

Brain Drain at PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland – Inside Paradeplatz

This text is an advertisement written by the customer. When brilliant minds leave a great company, it’s usually to turn a great idea into a reality. This was the case with a team of five from Switzerland who once worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers and are now making a new form of investment accessible to people from all over the world.

Mario von Bergen, Robin Muster, Alex Hoffmann, Alexander Bernauer and Aurelio Beroca dared. They left their secure and well-paid jobs at auditing and consulting firm PwC Switzerland and went to work for themselves.

why? They had an ingenious idea to democratize investment in alternative assets. An idea that requires the full attention of the five entrepreneurs to become a reality.

Five Men – One Idea: Splint Invest

The fact that boys know what they are doing shows through their careers. Together they bring over 60 years of experience in the areas of wealth management and software development. CEO Perucca holds a Ph.D. in economics and is a certified public accountant. Hoffman is a professional in the regulation of financial markets.

Investment management is von Bergen’s specialty. Master has been a successful small investor for years – and his returns prove it. Bernauer holds a Ph.D. in computer science. It gives Splint Invest a face and ensures a perfect user experience.

Which should really make it clear what Splint Invest: an app is. The application allows anyone who invests at least 50 euros to become a co-owner of luxury goods.

We are talking here about goods of a rare nature, which usually show a strong increase in prices over the years. These include rare whiskeys, fine wines or fine watches.

While Splint Invest takes care of buying, storing and caring for items, selling stock to Splint Invest investors and selling luxury goods at the right time, users invest in portions of luxury items thus benefiting from one very attractive return.

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Alternative investments belong in every well diversified portfolio

Co-founder and Chief Investments Officer, Mario von Bergen, knows the benefits of alternative investments. As a former CPA in Asset Management, I had the opportunity to delve into alternative investments in detail. It soon became clear to me what the advantages of these investments are and why they belong in every well-diversified portfolio.”

Buying a new Rolex or investing in this rare bottle of whiskey is not possible for everyone. This is annoying, because the increase in the value of Rolex & Co. speaks for itself.

The solution: Divide the prices of luxury goods among several people. Investing – even in expensive goods – is possible for everyone. Everyone benefits from the returns.

Using the app is more than easy. Download from the App Store or Google Play, create a profile, deposit your credit card and you can start investing right away. All items are sold in shares of €50 each.

Details of the respective investment status can be found in the corresponding description directly in the application. Now is the time to wait for Splint Invest to sell the system and distribute the profits. Or you can trade your shares with other Splint Invest users within the app.

Grab your chance and invest in alternative investments – a real opportunity for retail investors. Whether it’s whiskey, wine, watches or cars – at Splint Invest you can invest in commodities that appeal to you most and that believe in maximizing profits. With the code “IP50” you get a starting balance of 50 euros and you can start investing right away.

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