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Aquila boss lost his way with Zurich's financial store

Aquila boss lost his way with Zurich’s financial store

Aquila Strength Group. It is based in Zürcher Bahnhofstrasse 43, right next to UBS.

The core of the empire is the partner boutiques. Their number is growing and growing, and there are currently nearly 90 listings on the homepage.

In addition, Aquila has been running its own bank for a few years – in order to be more independent of financial institutions.

Aquila – strength. Now, a recent addition to “The Family” is causing an uproar behind the scenes.

It is an AG company called Alpique Swiss Wealth Partners with headquarters at Bahnhofstrasse 43; Any group headquarters.

According to the “testimonial” dated June 22, Albek shareholders elected three bankers to the board of directors, including the two founders.

This is what this story is about.

Shoot the financial position: F. Jane (Aquila)

He is a married couple, both with long lives in private banking in Zurich, he is from a family of butchers, a member of a syndicate, and she has wealthy clients, mostly from the Middle East.

The strength is the woman. As part of the alleged Daniel Safari group, which jumped from Julius Baer to Pictet in the context of Boris Coulardi’s aviation move, she has been taking a salary from the private bank in Geneva for the past few years.

In 2021, after Collardi’s departure, the end of honorable bankers also became clear to Savary, the banker became self-employed.

But not with its own company, but hired a current offshore asset manager: 47 Heritage AG.

This was founded by a long-time CS banker and has grown fast – thanks to newcomers like the Pictet woman.

Her husband also ended up with 47 Heritage. Together, the team must now bring in a lot of assets and customers – we’re talking hundreds of millions of assets.

But then there were questions. And for scandal. The couple pulled out again – a few months later at 47 Heritage.

The new port became its own company: Alpique. Their story begins at a minute point in time. 150,000 Swiss francs “cash” were deposited into the ZKB shareholders’ account at the beginning of May.

However, at the time, husbands and bankers were still getting paid 47 Heritage. In June things went quickly with my baby. Establishment of the company Member of the Board of Directors.

Once the founding of the Alpique increased in speed, the controversy over the departure from the old site burned into the background.

As always in such cases, it is about clients and their assets. From them, where do they end up?

Strength in the EVV Business (Aquila; IP)

This is where the CEO of Aquila comes in. Intervene – as a shareholder and as a new member of the board of directors.

It has happened like this. The two founders, the two bankers, resigned from Albeck’s board of directors after just four weeks.

Vivian Jain, senior president of Switzerland’s leading EVV group, remains on the company’s board of directors.

In addition, Jain has subscribed to 1,200 shares registered in Alpique “Class A (Preferred Shares)” for a value of 120,000 Swiss francs. It ended up with another 300 registered shares worth a total of 30,000 francs of “Class B (common shares)” with Aquila AG.

CHF 120,000 comes from a capital of 150,000 Jain (HR, IP)

Jin said, “Of course my name appears in[سجل الشركة]I am a member of the board of directors, and it has nothing to do with the shareholders.”

“Like every Aquila partner company, the newly founded Alpique also has a representative from Aquila Management on the Board of Directors.”

“This is purely a function. This, in addition to Aquila AG’s participation in partner companies (Aquila AG is a shareholder), is also a regulatory requirement for our group companies.”

With her answers, the president of Aquila avoided the questions asked. This reads: “Why did you subscribe to 1,200 shares of Alpique A? Was that as a nanny (the founders)?”

Jane just said: Everything is as always.

Aquila owns a minority stake in the respective network partner and sits on its board of directors for the purpose of control. a point.

But why in this case the CEO of Aquila personally became a shareholder and acquired 1,200 of the 1,500 shares, while the remaining 300 ended up with Aquila: there is no explanation.

why not?

Fenma, which pledged to strictly advocate previously unregulated EVV for accountability in case of doubt at the beginning of 2023, has already pledged to give Alpique a license in the summer.

“As usual, we do not comment on individual companies or on potential clarifications,” a spokesperson for the Banking Supervisory Authority said upon request.