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Biathlon: 20 km individual race – 19th World Cup gold medal for Bö – The Swiss are too slow on the cross-country skiing track – Sports

Biathlon: 20 km individual race – 19th World Cup gold medal for Bö – The Swiss are too slow on the cross-country skiing track – Sports

  • Everyone's favorite, Johannes Thingness Boe, deservedly won the individual race at the World Championships in the Czech Republic.
  • The Norwegian missed the target once, but still managed to win his 19th World Championship gold.
  • The Swiss break down Niklas Hartwig and Sebastian Stalder who let their guard down on the cross-country skiing track. Hartweg still comes in an impressive 11th place.

In the world championship sprint on Saturday, Johannes Thingnes Bø had to make way for compatriot Sturla Holm-Lagreed. But 24 hours later, the Norwegian won gold in the pursuit, his 18th place at the World Championships. In the 20 km individual race held on Wednesday, the younger brother fared even better: despite a mistake in the first prone throw, he took the next title thanks to his outstanding running performance.

Behind the overall World Cup leader, his brother Tärje claimed a double win for Norway and the Bo family (+0:58.9 min). Third-placed German Benedikt Doll, who also missed a shot, had already lost nearly two minutes before the winning time.

The hard way is very slow

The Swiss trumps were unable to intervene in the fight for the medals. Niklas Hartwig showed excellent performance on the shooting range. The first 19 shots found their target. Only on the twentieth and final shot – an annoyingly marginal shot – did Hartwig earn a penalty minute.

Small consolation for the 23-year-old: If he had shot cleanly, he would have reached 10th place, but not the absolute highest ranking. Because Hartweg lost a lot of time on the track. Even if we exclude the superior winner Bö, Hartweg lost more than 3 minutes to the best competitors. The Swiss said at the end: “I had to realize early on that today would not be my best day physically.” Thanks to his strong performance on the shooting range, Hartwig was able to take an attractive 11th place.

Is Stalder coming out?

The race was similar for Sebastian Stalder. He lost more time on the road than his teammate. Combined with two shooting errors, he finished only 28th. “I feel tired, and I'm not making any progress at all. “It's not fun that way,” said a depressed Zurich Oberlander at the end.

Stalder said he was considering skipping other World Cup races. The 26-year-old was very satisfied with the material. Stalder says that the large gap (almost 5 minutes on the way to Seger Bow) is due to his insufficient physical condition.

The individual mixed relay will be held in Nove Mesto on Thursday (Live on SRF Channel 2 from 5:50 p.m.). After a day of rest on Friday, the World Championships end with the relay race (Saturday) and Mass begins (Sunday).