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Beware of scams! Scammers want to take advantage of Fake View sites

A wave of Internet robberies: Internet scammers are abusing Blick for their purposes.


Thomas PinkoTeamlead Digital

Whether it’s celebrities like Roger Federer – or TV shows like “The Lion’s Den”. Scammers are misusing well-known names to rob Swiss netizens in the hopes of making a quick bitcoin profit.

Unfortunately, the outlook is also affected – indirectly. Because criminals are falsifying the design of well-known media such as to cheat Bitcoin.

One reader recently wrote: “Hi, in the past few days I have received such ads on Instagram which are clearly not from you.”

The headline there says: ‘The Lion’s Cave ‘Makes the Swiss Rich’ etc. The text then relates to the fact that you can invest somewhere. Below that, there are often comments from users who are interested in getting rich quick – of course, these are fake comments too.

Frankly: Please ignore such suspicious messages. A look that has nothing to do with it.

Unfortunately, scammers are difficult to stop through the courts. They are located abroad (mostly in Russia) and always work from new Internet addresses.

Facebook can’t stop scammers

This fake ad spread mostly through social media – and above all Facebook and Instagram photo community. Even in a high-tech company from Silicon Valley, scammers seem to be inundated with algorithms. Or do nothing about it. Because Facebook makes good money from ads.

This is how you recognize fake pages

Since it is technically or legally difficult to put a stop to scammers, there is nothing to do but use common sense.

Sure, also earns money from ads. But Blick never wants to talk to you about any investments in Bitcoin.

Title disclosure: Blick articles begin with “”, not a fancy name.

The internet address also detects online scammers. If you click on one of the supposed fake articles, you won’t end up on, but on a prepared page. You can learn about this above all from the strange Internet address (URL) that can be seen in the browser.

Please report fraud!

Blick asks you for help: If you come across fraudulent ads on social media, please report to the relevant operator (Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc.).

If in doubt, you are welcome to contact us via our email address [email protected]