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Italy: Nazi photo of new foreign minister causes uproar

Bachelor party in Nazi costume

A picture of the swastika of Foreign Minister Melonis has surfaced

Portrait of a new Italian Minister of State making the tour: Galeazzo Benami wears the swastika insignia. He says he is ashamed of this recording, but also notes that he is about 20 years old.


Galeazzo Benami of the far-right ruling Fratelli d’Italia party wears a black shirt and red swastika.

In Italy, an old photo of a minister of state appointed to the new right-wing government with a swastika insignia caused an uproar.

The picture shows politician Galeazzo Benami, 47, of the ruling far-right party Fratelli d’Italia, wearing a black T-shirt and a red armband. The recording was said to have been taken during a 2005 bachelorette party, several media outlets reported on Tuesday.