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Berliner Platz Kempten: Prohibition in good time – News from Kempten

Berliner Platz Kempten: Prohibition in good time – News from Kempten

Closing Berliner Platz over the holidays is paying off, says Weidmann, head of the civil engineering department at Kempten. Road users will soon have to rethink things again.

Ulrich Weigel

08/10/2023 | Status: 4:00 AM

relief Comptines “We chose the right time to close half of Berlin Square,” says Markus Wiedmann, head of the Department of Civil Engineering. As is known, the city decided to postpone work on the largest traffic intersection in Kempten until the summer holidays, because there is significantly less traffic due to the holidays. And the calculation worked, Wiedemann charted a satisfying tentative balance in an interview with our editors. In normal times, an average of 65,000 vehicles pass through the intersection each day.

Traffic from Bleicherstraße, the A7 and the B12 on Stephanstraße towards the city center is particularly affected: the green phase is stretched

Of course, cars, trucks and motorcycles cannot use the remaining branches of the intersection without problems. The significant drop in traffic also results in long waiting times. It is particularly affected if you are coming from Bleicherstraße, A7 and B12 and want to head into town on Stephanstraße. Traffic experts have long modified and expanded the green phase of the traffic light for city-bound traffic as much as possible without disrupting other travel directions. (Read here: Kempten blacks out the northern half of Berliner Platz for four weeks)

According to Wiedemann, the Nordspange, that is, the bypass over the Dachser roundabout, is also heavily loaded at certain times. Just as you can see an increase in traffic in many places downtown. Many drivers were looking for personal routes or shortcuts to avoid Berliner Platz.

These routes can lead, for example, via the Spitalhof or the A7 junction in Betzigau. All of this then affects other streets in Kempten, depending on the origin or destination address, says Wiedemann. “We feel it.”

Road construction at Berliner Platz is on schedule – “the construction company is doing well”

As far as the actual roadworks are concerned, Wiedemann draws a positive conclusion. “Things are going well with the construction company,” he says. They are punctual and when it comes to asphalt, they will also run longer in the evenings.

Of course, “on schedule” also means that road users will soon have to rethink. Because in the last week of August, the forbidding northern half of Berliner Platz will be fired again. However, at the same time, the southern half will be closed for the rest of the summer holidays. After that, the north will be connected to the Adenauerring and Stephanstrasse again, while it will no longer be possible to pass the Schumacherring.

Drivers will soon have to rethink: After that, the southern half of the main intersection will be closed

“This will lead to significant changes in traffic flow,” says Weidmann. Then a particular bottleneck is expected in the area of ​​St. Mang Bridge. Another challenge might also be diverting as many vehicles as possible that would have driven on the Schumachering to Berliner Platz off the track into this dead end at an early stage.

Incidentally, Kempten has blacked out half of Berliner Platz for four weeks since the end of July.