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Belarus: Svetlana Dichanovskaya asks the United States for help

Leader of the Opposition in Belarus Svetlana Tichanovska Is United States In a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Blink Called for support for the democratic movement in their homeland. Tichanovskaya said on Monday that political prisoners and their families needed urgent help from civil society, the private sector and the independent media. Washington With. In addition, his Telegram channel released a picture of his encounter with Blingen.

In addition, the United States must signal the agreement with those in power in Russia Alexander Lukashenko No validity. President of Russia Vladimir Putin Supports Lukashenko, considered the last dictator of Europe. Tichanovskaya won the presidential election almost a year ago.

The Lukashenko regime is taking action against the protests

Belarusian authorities have been cracking down on independent media and websites for days. Several telegram channels were declared extremists on Monday. Lukashenko had announced Take action against everyone against him. Tichanovskaya has repeatedly condemned the repression. At a rally in front of the Belarusians who immigrated to Washington, he said the struggle for the freedom of the Belarusian people should continue. He reports from his US trip Web light In a “Presidential Diary.”

White House spokesman Jen SakiIt was confirmed on Monday that Tichanovskaya will hold talks at government headquarters. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte Joe Biden Give.