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The US Congress rejected a vote of no confidence against the Republican Party

The US Congress rejected a vote of no confidence against the Republican Party

With a clear majority of both Republican and Democratic MPs, the House of Representatives on Wednesday (local time) rejected hard-line Republican Marjorie Taylor Green's bid to remove Johnson from his powerful post.

Green, a staunch supporter of former president and current presidential candidate Donald Trump, has been threatening his party colleague Johnson with such an effort for weeks, putting himself in the spotlight. He submitted his application towards the end of March. Johnson previously helped lead the House of Representatives to a vote on a budget package rejected by Republican hardliners.

Green initially only did this as a “caution,” but had already announced that he would move forward if Johnson were allowed to vote on US aid to Ukraine. About a month later, this is what happened: The US Congress authorized billions in aid to a country attacked by Russia.

Leading Democrats in the House of Representatives have announced they will support Johnson and block Green, 49,'s proposal if it actually goes through. They have now kept this promise: they overwhelmingly backed Johnson during the referendum to avoid a no-confidence vote. Democrats' help could be a return to Johnson's support for Ukraine aid, which he has withheld for months. Many Republicans, who had experienced enough turmoil within their own ranks, threw their support behind Johnson.

For the rebel Greene, the campaign was an embarrassing failure. Johnson said after the vote that he hoped it would be an end to the distractions, profiling efforts and character assassination campaigns that have characterized the chamber in recent months. Parliament has more important work to do.

The 52-year-old assumed office six months ago, second only to the president and his vice president. His predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, was ousted from office by hard-line Republicans in early October. With the help of Democrats, McCarthy was not saved from falling again. Republicans have a slim majority in the House of Representatives.