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Infections are on the rise again – disappointment after vaccination in the United States – News


Although vaccinations were initially started, about 30 percent of adults in the United States remain undiagnosed. Now the number of infections is increasing again.

The United States was one of the first countries to launch the vaccine, and within a short time began an effective campaign. But now the number of daily vaccinations has been drastically reduced. Vaccines stagnate. U.S. President Biden recently acknowledged that he had missed the target of 70 percent of single-vaccinated adults by July 4th. This is only 50 percent of the total population of the United States that has been fully vaccinated, including children.

Now the number of infections is on the rise again, especially in states with average vaccination rates. And hospital admission in some regions.

Increasingly young people are being hospitalized

In Missouri, for example, there are wards with high loads, no ventilators, and patients have to be relocated. The number of infections and goiter patients is also on the rise in Louisiana. It is increasingly the number of young people being treated in the hospital. The vaccination rate among young people is significantly lower than average.

You ask, can I get vaccinated now? But it was too late. You ask, can my loved ones be vaccinated, but it’s too late. You are dying.

This is causing frustration among doctors. All we all hoped would go the right way. Due to the new virus variant and the low vaccination rate in our state there is unfortunately a rapid increase. The patients we see are not vaccinated, ”said Charles Munden, a physician at Lakeview Regional Medical Center in Louisiana. Combined with the current journey of Americans and the party mentality, this is a catastrophic recipe.

Greg Gardner, an emergency physician at Mountain West Hospital in Tooleau, Utah, has more patients: But it was too late. You ask, can my loved ones be vaccinated, but it’s too late. You are dying. ”

About 30 percent of adults across the country are not vaccinated. There is no national vaccination certificate or compulsory vaccination. Widespread offers to get vaccinated for male or female: You can win a million, get free food or free tickets, and get vaccinated under a whale at the museum. Volunteers knock on doors to explain the vaccine.

There are differences: Conservative states have higher average vaccination rates than liberal states. But this film is not always perfect. Mount Vernon is a suburb of liberal New York – with the lowest vaccination rate of 30 percent.


Testamentrum in Mount Vernon, NY

Some come to Mount Vernon Health Center for testing or vaccination. But maintaining this service is important to director Judith Watson.


Judith Watson, director of the Mount Vernon Health Center, wants to change that. She and her people are always looking for a conversation with the people who come here. It’s like: “Don’t you want to be vaccinated?” The security guard with Jamaican roots said, “No. Until the vaccine is clinically proven. Watson asks what he means by this, what he means by changing his mind.

Distrust and fear

Many blacks and Hispanics live in Mount Vernon. These people have been used for testing in the past because they don’t want to be vaccinated, Watson says. But she asks for different reasons. “The vaccine was developed very quickly, distrustfully, people are simply scared. Boys, they believe they are invincible.”

Watson encourages his team even though only a few come to get vaccinated. We save lives. We need patience, which is like a slow dance. We convince people face to face. “However, the security guard sticks to it and he wants to wait. Watson says, ‘We’re here if you change your mind.’