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Beechcraft Denali: Pilatus PC-12 competitor is delayed – gets extra for it

Beechcraft Denali: Pilatus PC-12 competitor is delayed – gets extra for it

Textron delays approval of Beechcraft Denali again. The manufacturer has given the competing Pilatus PC 12 an automatic landing system for this.

At 6,190 metres, it is the highest mountain in North America. Its official name is Mount McKinley, but in the North American Koyukon language it is called Denali. Aircraft manufacturer Beechcraft gave its name to its small planes, introduced in 2016.

However, it will be some time before a Denali Beechcraft is seen in Alaska or anywhere else. Textron recently announced that approval of the single-engine machine was again delayed. Approval is now expected in 2025. The reason for the delay is said to be the pending certification of GE’s new Catalyst engine.

Pilatus PC-12 Competition

The engine is an efficient turbocharged engine with an output of 1,300 hp, equipped with full digital engine control. It is designed to make the pilot’s job easier with its single lever engine and propeller control. The Beechcraft Denali offers room for six to ten passengers and can fly 3,000 km. In terms of appearance and specifications, it is very reminiscent of the Pilatus PC-12.

Textron also announced that the Denali will be equipped with an additional feature already standard on the latest PC-12: Garmin’s Emergency Autoland. In addition to the Swiss turbocharged engine, this emergency loading function is only available on the Piper M600 and Cirrus Vision Jet.

Fourth model only with Autoland

This makes the Beechcraft Denali the fourth model worldwide to have a specialized factory avionics system installed. Garmin Autoland introduced in 2019. The system monitors the cockpit and the pilot. If Autoland determines that the pilot has not reacted for a certain amount of time, the system takes over the machine’s descent. Autoland calculates the flight path to the nearest landing opportunity, takes over the radio and lands the aircraft automatically. The system can also be started by pressing the emergency button.