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Beatrice Egli: A Kiss by Andreas Gaballier

Beatrice Egli and Andreas Gaballier: Are Schlager’s new shocked spouses?

As reported by The Gate, Beatrice Egli decided in the middle of the show for her successful colleague Andreas Gaballier To give a kiss. Although it was only a slap on the cheek, this gesture now sparked great speculation.

Reverse OK! However, the 33-year-old confirmed that seven years ago not interested The compiler of “Amoi seg ‘ma uns wieder” would have:

It’s not my favorite type. To be honest, we don’t really get along well. He is a friend of mine.

Has that changed now? After all, a lot can happen in seven years. Anyway, the truth is that Beatrice Egli and Andreas Gaballier seemingly have a special relationship. On Instagram, she told her followers on her story that she was with the 37-year-old “Be forever grateful”. why? Beatrice kept it to herself.

So Schlager fans could be curious if they’re going to see more intimate moments between Beatrice Egli and Andreas Gabalier next Saturday (April 23).

“The Beatrice Egli Show” airs April 23 at 8:15 p.m. on MDR and SWR.

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