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Tony wants to keep her father Martin away from her family

Tony makes a clear announcement for Martin


April 23, 2022 – 3:56 pm hour

can quite Tony (Olivia Merhi) I still can’t believe Who she met unexpectedly in the neighborhood – It’s actually her father Martin (Oliver Frank). Tony is happy because the man who hit her mother several times She disappeared from her life a few years ago and she doesn’t particularly want to see her again. But Martin fell deeply and a successful businessman became a homeless man, Who is now looking forward to be close to his family again. When Martin is about to pick up his son Louis (Mark Weinman), Tony wants to prevent this at all costs. Is your plan working? This shows the first part of GZSZ’s weekly preview.

Part 2 and 3 of the weekly show with GZSZ actress Anne Mendenn You can also see it here – just scroll down.

Paul and Jenna plan their future together

pee (Nicklas Osterloh) wants his previous position for one night Jenna (Isabelle Haines) Be there and be together Take care of her baby with her. to Emily (Anne Minden) a big stab in the heart. But Paul sticks to his idea of ​​supporting Jenna with everything. The two now want to move into an apartment together and from all the places close to Emily. As with the apartment inspection too John Appears (Felix von Gashirov), there is a sensation. The second part of GZSZ’s weekly preview shows exactly what’s going on.

GZSZ always a week before TV broadcast

GZSZ always a week before TV broadcast

Will Noah Sander take the job from Philip?

since his arrival in Berlin Noah Sanders (Zain Ali) Philip (Jörn Schlönvoigt) An eyesore. After all, he seems to be doing a great job sunny (Valentina Bahdi) To understand Which Philip does not like at all. indeed Noah and Philip don’t just fight over the same woman, but also the coveted job of a chief medical officer in a hospital. Does Noah have a head start there now?

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