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Bayer loses in legal dispute over glyphosate – Economics

Bayer loses in legal dispute over glyphosate – Economics

Bayer AG in the US was ordered to pay $1.25 million to plaintiff John Durnell. Dornel accuses the agricultural and pharmaceutical company of causing cancer through contact with the herbicide Roundup. The verdict was reached by a jury in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Dornell’s attorney, Willie Blair, said: “My client and plaintiff’s attorneys are very pleased and grateful for the verdict after a grueling three-week trial.”

The ruling ends the company’s winning streak, which saw it win the previous nine trials. Blair said this trial was the first to prove that other chemicals besides the main ingredient glyphosate can cause cancer. Bayer announced in a statement that it would appeal the ruling. “We are confident in the safety of Roundup and will defend the safety of our products and act in good faith in any future lawsuit,” the company said.

Lawsuits related to the report have dogged Bayer since it acquired the brand as part of its $63 billion acquisition of seed and herbicide maker Monsanto in 2018. The German company claims that decades of studies have shown that Roundup and its active ingredient glyphosate pose no risk. On humans. Bayer settled most of the lawsuits against the company in 2020 for up to $10.9 billion, but it still faces nearly 40,000 lawsuits related to the report.