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Battlefield 2042 - EA bringt neusten Teil der Reihe am 22. Oktober

Battlefield 2042 will soon start the ‘tech alpha’

Since the first announcement, fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of Battlefield 2042. At least the ‘Tech Alpha’ should start in a few weeks.

The basics in brief

  • The new Battlefield was announced with a trailer three weeks ago.
  • At EA Play Live on July 22, more details about the game will follow for the first time.
  • Veteran Alpha Players can begin shortly before that.

There is also this from Electronic Arts Herbst The long-awaited battlefield 2042. Until the game is released Cap she A roadmap with several key milestones has already been drawn up. With Alpha Tech, an important point should be reached in a few weeks.

Battlefield 2042 can be tested by ‘veterans’

With this technical game test, fans can get to grips with the next Battlefield title for the first time. As in the past, the chosen one must be here A group of experienced players Participation under contractual confidentiality. So there will likely be no screenshots or images from the game in this alpha stage. However, system requirements may be leaked.

It is very likely that the “tech alpha” announced for July will remain so vor der EA Play Live am 22. Juli Come on. The first in-game content will then be shown in the game developer’s event. Until then, a select group can test out the game’s functionality, 128 player mode, and some new weapons and specialists.

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