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Bad Saxa: Country creates more space for refugees | – News – Lower Saxony

Bad Saxa: Country creates more space for refugees | – News – Lower Saxony

As of: February 14, 2024 at 8:54 AM

The former Paracelsus clinic in Bad Sachsa has been approved as emergency accommodation for refugees since 2023. Now more people can find housing there. (archive photo)

The State Reception Service has increased the capacity of emergency accommodation for refugees in Bad Sachsa. As announced by the authorities, 300 people can now find housing in the former Paracelsus Clinic instead of the previous 200. This was made possible thanks to the additional fire protection measures implemented in the building. There are currently 94 refugees living there. People with disabilities, women traveling alone and women with children are accommodated in Bad Sachsa. The State Reception Authority now also allows school-age children to attend a regular school. From next week, there will be cooperation with the primary school in Bad Sachsa, with the aim of providing children with an education. If you stay in primary reception accommodation, there is no compulsory education. The offer in Bad Sachsa is therefore voluntary.

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The government reception body wants to continue operating accommodation in the former hospital next year. more

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