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Australia has a long way to go

Oh2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Kathy Freeman won the 400-meter dash in the Australian jersey. The audience cheers them on. When such success is achieved, the natives, the aborigines, the good Australians. In real life they are often not, and still are.

Rather. On the contrary, for decades they had to be considered simply killed for the most important reason. Murderers have nothing to fear legally. Aboriginal children were taken away from their families for “re-education”. The Australian Federal Government is now – finally – apologizing for this crime against humanity. She wants to pay the victim financial compensation.

There is still a long way to go

At least as important as the money, but the belated insight that comes from the Prime Minister’s words Scott Morrison Speaks. He not only regrets the injustice of the past. On the contrary, today’s generation is responsible for it. The federal government has taken a long-delayed step to comply with the past.

In society, of course, as humanity dictates, everything is not far off. Until the Aborigines are accepted only if their country achieves sporting success, the White Australians will have to accept that they still have a long way to go.