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Augsburg: More bike space in Augsburg: CSU and Greens with new laws

Augsburg: More bike space in Augsburg: CSU and Greens with new laws

In the winter, there was an uproar between CSU and the Greens due to the Parking Spaces Act. Now the coalition partners may have negotiated a paper with changes.

It looks like the city wants to make another push when it comes to parking lot laws. As stated, the topic was before birthday It was left off the city council’s agenda because coalition partners CSU and Greens were going to do business with each other. As reported, the city mainly plans to slightly reduce the number of mandatory parking spaces in new multi-family buildings (from 1.1 to 1.0 per apartment). At the same time, the number of bicycle and cargo parking spaces will be increased. One bicycle parking space per 25 sq m of living space and one bicycle/cargo trailer space per apartment (minimum size 50 sq m). In large apartment complexes, this means that there is a need for plenty of space for bicycles.

The sticking points in the political debate were the regulations for offices and day care centers. Here there were changes in favor of cycling, which is what the Greens wanted. The new draft, which must be submitted after the summer holidays, also regulates that builders can exchange bicycle parking spaces for payment to the city if it is impossible to accommodate the required number in a new building. That was the point CSU Important.

The change in the parking space law is due to the agreement between the city of Augsburg and the initiators of the Citizens Cycling Initiative. The new regulations are meant to promote cycling. (drunk)